WFRP: Pre-Order Middenheim Map Now!

We had a busy #WarhammerWednesday yesterday with our exciting production update and the launch of the Enemy in Shadows Foundry VTT Module. We also shared the latest Dev Diary for those who pre-ordered the Enemy Within. But that's not all for this week! Today, we are launching the pre-order for the WFRP Middenheim map!

Pre Order now here.

This full-colour map depicts the great fortress-city of Middenheim, built upon the top of the mighty Fauschlag, a mountain plateau that legends proclaim was formed through the actions of the god Ulric himself. This high resolution map is perfectly suited for framing or use in your WFRP gaming sessions! It is indispensable to groups anticipating a fun packed week of activity and distraction at Middenheim’s world famous Carnival!

The map of Middenheim lists the locations of the most important venues in the city, from the High Temple of Ulric where the eternal fire burns, to the saturated and stinking sawdust floor of the Drowned Rat tavern. Navigating the city has never been easier, with each of Middenheim’s districts clearly delineated and buildings depicted in isometric detail.

Designed by our talented cartographer Dàniel Kovàcs, the City of Middenheim map is a great accessory to compliment the release of our city sourcebook Middenheim: City of the White Wolf, and a useful gaming aid when planning to run the third part of the Enemy Within Campaign: Power Behind the Throne

These mapsare sent in postal tubes from our Irish Warehouse, depending on your location they can take longer to arrive then your usual orders!

Physical copies expected Quarter 4.

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