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Spoiler Alert!

Alfric Half-Nose has heard much about the events which occurred during Power Behind the Throne, and for the right price has agreed to share some of his insights below. If you have yet to play Power Behind the Throne it is perhaps best to avoid the notorious Dwarf’s ramblings for now.

A New Shadow Spreading – Part 1

‘Alfric Half-Nose’ by Sam Manley

Missed carnival week did you? Late? What was it? Stuck behind a stricken barge on the Talabec? What are the chances, eh? Now I could fill you in on all the important gossip. Just give me a shilling  and I’ll tell you all you need to know, a brief but comprehensive precis of the pertinent stuff, or else my name ain’t Alfric. And it’s Alfric, you can have that for free.

So, the big news is that our noble lord Boris Todbringer is returned to his former health and majesty. Since Anika-Elise succumbed to illness last year he has been a shadow of his usual self, and barely left the palace. Well, something must’ve shaken him up. He’s been summoning all and sundry to present themselves at his audience chamber. He has ordered the Midden Marshals and a bunch of the local landowners to pool resources and efforts to keep Middenheim safe and secure, and see that she gets to prosper once more.

He rescinded all those stupid new taxes. As a Dwarf of the Anvilbreaker line, I was relieved. Now, in my line of work it’s not like I have to officially declare all earnings, so to speak, but it was the principle of the thing.

Seems a bad bunch had wormed its way into positions of trust at the court, and concocted a plan to do away with his lordship and replace him with a shapeshifting creature of Chaos. A dastardly plot, but they botched it and the ringleader scarpered. Still, he might have some friends left in the city, and Ulrich Schutzmann would be most interested in news of anyone acting suspiciously. If you know someone who has been a proud resident of Middenheim all their life and has, just this last week, suddenly decided to move to Stirland perhaps the Watch might offer you a handsome reward for the details.

Then there’s this consternation at the Collegium. Seems that during the run up to these events with the Graf, one of the professors there came into possession of strange bodies, described as man-sized but rat-featured. Now, again, as a Dwarf I can say I find it a bewildering aspect of human affairs that you folk seem so reluctant to face up to the fact of the Skaven Menace, but even I’m shocked to hear that they’ve turned up in Middenheim. Anyway, if the Collegium have their way, the controversy will be cleared up soon enough.

There’s some folk looking into all this already of course, soldiers of fortune from down south. Their names, I could tell you …  but it’ll cost.

‘Sewer Fight Scene’ by Sam Manley

The Horned Rat, the next book in The Enemy Within campaign, is coming soon. Watch this Space! Note: Just don’t linger too long or Alfric will likely charge you for loitering and putting off his other customers. 

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