WFRP: Future Visions

The Frightened Village’ by Dániel Kovács


Today we have another excellent post from Dave Allen, who works on our Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay line.

‘I see Darkness Gathering as the Last House of Joy fall! Beware, for Shadows Over …  Oh, you’ve heard it before have you? Well, excuse me. Hold on, don’t just go. I’ve got more prophecies for you. Got prophecies all day long, and prognostications, foresights, your basic omens, visions-of-what-may-yet-to-be, tea-leaf readings, and astrological analyses for all and sundry!’

‘So hang on, give me a bit of think and I’ll come up with something fresh, don’t you worry … just a bit of a think. Oh, now this is interesting. You’ll want to hear this. Yes, crossing my palm with brass wouldn’t hurt either.’

 – Cassian the Unheeded, Altdorf Street Preacher

I see woes visited on the villages of Middenheim’s Grand Duchy, how terrors lurk in the darkness, and the corruption of Chaos inflicts itself on already monstrous forms. The rural folk will beg for the protection of liege lords when those lords have little protection to spare them.

Learned folk, they seek to understand that which cannot be comprehended. They stalk the land with parchments and measures to record and report the shapes and habits of the beasts of the world. But the beasts of the world defy comprehension, and will mete a vengeance on those who subject them to the indignity of study.

‘Preyton’ Illustration by Кирилл Семёнов

I see a procession of sadness using the Reik as a road. Calling for grievous injustices to be set right. Can they find any brave souls willing to heed their cries?

‘Ghosts by the Barge’ by Runa I Rosenberger  

And what Sigmar vanquished from our land between the mountains will creep back. The dark Drakwald a cover for their return. They scuttle atop their eight-legged steeds and fall upon the unwary traveller, binding them in threads, and stealing them away, never to be seen again.

‘The Cluster-Eye Tribe’ by Yugin Mafioli

The visions are clear for now, but there will be more to come. Keep returning to Cubicle 7’s social media accounts and website in order to learn more.


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