WFRP: Further Future Visions


A while back, we shared Future Visions 1 here, and today we have another post in this series by WFRP Developer Dave Allen revealing more amazing art from upcoming releases...

‘Times have been hard recently for your poor underappreciated prognosticator. This cursed Thaumodivinator the colleges have got up and working round the Hexxerbezrik. Apparently, it’s 33 percent more accurate than your average roadside prophet or anchorite. But you’ve lost the personal touch haven’t you? I swear by all the gods you get more value for your shilling using a flesh and blood seer. Oh! Thank you kindly. Now… I see fabulous beasts of all shapes and sizes counted and catalogued, but woe betide those who seek to describe the indescribable for they … what … we’ve been here before have we? Well excuse me; the future remains the future after all.’

 – Cassian the Unheeded, Altdorf Street Preacher

‘Great Stag’ Illustration by Кирилл Семёнов

I see further destruction brought to the greatest nation in the Old World, a capital riven by magical mishaps, a town brought low by beasts bearing the Crimson Crown, a judicial champion who ensures trials are decided before they even commence.

‘The Brawl’ by Yugin Maffioli

I see a sanctuary for the lost and the damaged. Guests include unsung heroines of the Empire and a lady who insists she is a close relative of royalty.

‘Hospice’  by JG O’Donoghue

I see a great muster of warriors and mercenaries, travelling the routes of the land to swell the retinues of noble lords and kings of banditti alike. Men from the south, the sunny republics of Remas and Luccini, and further afield even so.

‘Light Cavalryman’ by Álvaro Jiménez

I see sinister times as the House of Joy seeks to reclaim it’s lost throne, and in the troubled city they vacated, I see more unhappy circumstances arise from the most innocent of sources.

‘The Puppets’ Illustration by Alessandro Boer

'Wait now, is that salt I smell? And further out, dim and distant, spray and kelp and barnacles as a gateway to the Sea of Claws and adventure on the ocean and distant lands is revealed.

‘Salzenmund’  by JG O’Donoghue

The visions are clear for now, but there will be more to come. Have your tea leaves at the ready! Keep returning to Cubicle 7’s social media accounts and website in order to learn more. No need to cross our palms with brass, but it wouldn’t hurt mind you. 

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