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Ubersreik Adventures II: Fishrook Returns

The exciting third adventure for Ubersreik Adventures II is available now in PDF! If you have already pre-ordered Ubersreik Adventures II you will receive an email to download Fishrook Returns.

Recently, near the little Reikland hamlet of Sigmartempel, a spate of daring robberies has occurred. Reports are confused, but the bandits’ ringleader has all the appearance of a dandy highwayman thought long dead: the dashing and audacious Fishrook.

Has the flamboyant Fishrook really returned, or is there nothing more to these robberies than the idle crimes of bored rural youth, or is something more sinister at work on the road between Bögenhafen and Ubersreik? 

Fishrook Returns sets the Characters on the trail of the Fishrook, a daring, larger than life bandit troubling unwary travellers around Ubersreik. The young noblewoman Gutele von Bruner, a recent victim of the Fishrook, will pay good silver to see the bandit captured — but her interest in the dashing highwayman may go beyond a simple wish to see justice served….

Ubersreik Adventures II

Ubersreik Adventures II contains five all new adventures, along with a chapter expanding on events in the City of Ubersreik, the setting established in the WFRP Starter Set. It explores the fate of the city, as it teters between direct Imperial control, the rule of the Jungfrueds, and perhaps a glimpse of a more independent future. This section introduces new characters, locations and plots, and provides suggestions and advice on incorporating developments your characters may have experienced (or caused!) during the events of The Enemy Within campaign. 

The first two adventures Deadly Dispatch and Double Trouble are also available now, and will be unlocked as digital downloads with your preorder of Ubersreik Adventures II along with Fishrook Returns.

Physical copies of Ubersreik Adventures II  will follow at a later date.

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Ubersreik Adventures I – Now in Print!

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