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Today we have a new blog post from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay developer Dave Allen regarding Altdorf and the upcoming release Altdorf: Crown of the Empire.

And if you missed yesterdays WFRP news, we released the PDF for the Power Behind the Throne Companion, get all the info and pre-order it here.

A City in Flux – Mutant Monstrosities in the Capital

‘We wish to make it plain to visitors that whilst the creature known as the Drakwald Gibberbeast may bear superficial resemblance to the breed of Chaotic monstrosities known as Jabberslythes it is, in fact, of an entirely divergent taxonomic grouping, as several experts from the University’s Faculty of Bestiaria have confirmed. [Please note: Jabberslythes have a single mouth, whereas the Gibberbeast has between six and fourteen, depending on its mood. Jabberslythe wings are mostly vestigial, whereas the wings of the Gibberbeast are almost totally vestigial.] So, it is not a Jabberslythe, and anyone experiencing a catastrophic disassociation of mind whilst viewing the creature is doing so for reasons outside the purview of menagerie staff.’

The curators of his Imperial Majesty’s Menagerie.

– Polite notice pinned to the front of the Gibberbeast enclosure at the Imperial Zoo

Altdorf is the heart of civilisation, the Crown of the Empire. The Cult of Sigmar have their centre in the capital, the Witch Hunters of the Order of the Silver Hammer operate from the bustling city, and many knightly orders, sworn to defy the chaotic and monstrous, keep their chapterhouses here.

But Chaos worms its way through the capital’s winding streets. The magical activity centred at Altdorf can lead to mutation, and corruption is spread by Chaos cults and Skaven activity.

Yet some creatures of Chaos are openly displayed — even venerated. At the Imperial Zoo a great many altered monstrosities are exhibited to the gaze of the public, with only small warning signs and wrought iron cages to separate them. The Drakwald Gibberbeast is the most grotesque of these creatures — the influence of Chaos visible in its dementing twisted form.

Drakwald Gibberbeast – Portrait by Yugin Maffioli

But not all of Altdorf’s monsters are confined to iron cages. Throughout the East End, dark tales are told of the fisherman’s fate. Arnold Schtimmer once plied the waterways around the small islands dotting the banks of the Reikerbahn district. He was a disagreeable and mean man who was suspected in the disappearance of several fisherfolk. Word has it that his predatory nature was soon made plain upon his features, and he slipped into the river’s muddy waters where he lurks to this day.

The Reikerbahn Pike – Portrait by Sam Manley

Or poor Hattie Adler, she was often seen buying loaves of stale bread from the Gandmarkt bakers’ stalls just as they started to pack up. She’d be up early the following morning to feed the pigeons.

Well the story goes she grew birdlike herself, and now flits about the rafters of the tenement slums. It takes more than a few stale crumbs to sate her appetite.

Hattie Adler – Portrait by Erin Rea

You'll find out more about the denizens of the Empire’s capital in Altdorf: Crown of the Empire. Not all of them are mutant monstrosities — some of them are far more sinister…Altdorf: Crown of the Empire is coming soon, a 224-page guide to the capital of the greatest nation in the Old World. Just remember to keep your distance, stay behind the lines, read the small print and don’t feed the animals!

We'll share more news about this book’s entertaining contents over the coming weeks.

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