Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Production Update


Hi All,

Have you seen our latest general production update? There’s a lot happening at Cubicle 7 right now! With so many exciting titles to cover there was only room to skim the surface of WFRP’s upcoming releases. Let’s take a deeper dive below, and talk a little about our future plans for the fourth edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

Restock Alert - WFRP Core

We know some of you have been looking out for this one and we were delighted to receive our shipment of WFRP rulebooks — so, if you are new to the Old World or are looking to pick up a physical copy, you can order here. As usual, all orders include a PDF. 

The Enemy Within Campaign Vol 2, Death on the Reik and Companion

As mentioned in our production update, Death on the Reik and its companion are in stores now! We’re very excited to have part two of the Enemy Within in stock on our website and on shelves in brick and mortar stores around the world. If you don’t see it in your local games store be sure to ask management if they stock it, we have also added the PDF to Bits and Mortar so participating stores can include it when selling a physical copy. It’s one of our favourite installments of the Enemy Within, and is where the campaign really opens up for players to explore the Reikland at large.

You can pick up your copy here.

Middenheim: City of the White Wolf

The city of Middenheim was our first major city book for WFRP fourth edition since the exploration of Ubersreik found in the WFRP Starter Set. We are so excited to have the physical books in our Irish warehouse, and as they have now cleared US customs, our US pre-order customers should start to see these landing in their mailboxes and FLGS shortly. 

Middenheim is central to the Enemy Within campaign, but also stands alone as an excellent place for adventure. The book is packed with interesting locations and NPC and plot hooks — more than enough for any GM to spin into a lengthy campaign focused set in the City of the White Wolf.

You can pick up your copy of Middenheim: City of the White Wolf here.

Archives of the Empire Vol. 1

Similarly, Archives of the Empire I was part of the same print batch, so you can expect to see it in the wild soon. We were thrilled with the reception to Archives of the Empire, which really showed a keen desire to explore less well known denizens of the Old World, as well as more niche topics. The second volume of the Archives series will focus on Ogres, Dwarfs, Elves, and Halflings, among other things. We are also looking towards Archives III, as the format seems to be a hit, and expanding on bite-sized PDF-only using Archives’ format.

You can pick up your copy of Archives of the Empire Vol. 1 here.

The Enemy Within Campaign Vol. 3, Power Behind the Throne, Companion & Collector’s Editions

These are on their way from our printer to our warehouses, and are expected early in July, appearing in stores later in the summer. Not to go on at length about the joys of exploring Middenheim, but the sandbox experience of this chapter of The Enemy Within is a real pleasure to play. While it can be challenging for the GM to run, this edition of Power Behind the Throne has been revised to make it easier to find the relevant information about events, NPCs and locations quickly and easily. While I’m certainly not the most impartial source, Power Behind the Throne really is a gaming experience not to be missed. You can pre-order your copy here.

Collector’s edition covers for Power Behind the Throne

Altdorf: Crown of the Empire

Capital of the Empire, Altdorf is arguably the most iconic city in the Old World — and that is one argument that it would be best to avoid should any proud Middenheimers be nearby. The book comes in at 224 pages, even larger than Middenheim: City of the White Wolf, and explores the city's history, geography, and political landscape. Home to the Colleges of Magic, a plethora of Knightly Orders, the Grand Cathedral of Sigmar, and a host of other Imperial institutions, Altdorf is not to be missed. It makes a grand stand alone location, and a natural place to explore after your players have risen to prominence in Ubersreik.

You can pre-order your copy here.

Ubersreik Adventures II

A collection of five thrilling adventures in Ubersreik, the second volume also includes a guide to the Duchy of Blackrock, and the chance to finally get a more intimate view of the notorious Jungfreuds, the noble family whose claim to Ubersreik was so callously cast aside by the Emperor. The Duchy provides an opportunity for characters to venture out from the town of Ubersreik. Players can choose to investigate and thwart the plans and machinations that are surely being spun in the halls of Neufaljung Castle, or alternatively to throw their weight behind the Jungfreuds and their arguably quite valid claim to the town. You can pre-order your copy here.

If you are waiting patiently for Ubersreik Adventures 1 to come back in stock, it should arrive later in the summer and we’ll let you know on our social media platforms and blog.

The Cluster Eye Tribe

The Cluster Eye Tribe is a new  PDF that we trust will find a home close to the heart of anyone who feels that forest goblins have yet to be given their time to shine! A deep dive into a single tribe of Goblins, the PDF features new templates for advancing creatures into various roles such as soldiers, skirmishers, scouts or Shamen, to better enable them to go toe to toe with Characters who might have a career or two under their belts. Additionally, four of the tribe's prominent figures are explored in greater detail, making them perfect to establish as recurring villains for Characters with reason to venture into the deep forests of the Empire. Do I need to mention that it’s also packed with plot hooks and GM suggestions for making best use of the Cluster Eye Tribe? Teach your players to fear Goblins again!

Pick up your PDF copy here. 

The Enemy Within Campaign Vol. 4: The Horned Rat,Companion & Collector’s Edition 

The much anticipated PDF for The Horned Rat is out now. This penultimate chapter of the Enemy Within could justify an entire blog post, but suffice to say the long awaited part four of the Enemy Within, The Horned Rat, is out now in PDF.

The Companion will be appearing very soon as well, for those who want even more content to throw at their already beleaguered players. While hard to discuss without a hefty spoiler warning, we have been delighted with the response to The Horned Rat. It’s no easy feat to add a new chapter to such an established campaign, but the efforts and contributions of a fanatical team of writers, artists, editors, producers, and developers has, I feel, led to something quite special. But don’t listen to me — you should probably be paying attention to the sound of scurrying, clawed feet coming from the walls…  

Pre-order your copy of the standard edition here, or find out more about our exclusive collector’s editions and pre-order here.

Collector’s edition covers for The Horned Rat

The Enemy Within Campaign Vol. 5, Empire in Ruins

We are currently continuing our playtesting of Empire in Ruins, which so far has proven to be an exciting and intriguing adventure. It’s difficult to say more without spoilers just yet. While The Horned Rat was an entirely novel addition to The Enemy Within, Empire in Ruins sits more as a reimagining of previous finales to that epic campaign. There’s a mixture of old and new ideas at play in the adventure, so even grognards should have no idea of what precisely to expect. Watch this space! Expected PDF release in Q3, and in stores Q1 2022.

The Imperial Zoo

The journals of one eccentric scribe and the notes of his equally unusual companions are being collated into a single volume, in as authentic a form as possible. This is despite the incredible and extraordinary claims they contain! Those scholars of the zoo who, far too respectable to ever venture far beyond the walls of Altdorf, can only scoff and wonder at the imagination of the author. Dragons that still stalk the forests and mountains of the Empire? Beasts larger than buildings emerging from the waters around Tilea? Great Stags that carry with them the very essence of Taal? I ask you.

Expect The Imperial Zoo in Q3 in PDF — we are very excited to share this one with you all.


The response to our Virtual Tabletop offerings on both Foundry VTT and Roll20© has been amazing, and rest assured that we will continue to support those platforms with new products.

Indeed, as you may have heard, we recently kidnapped Moo Man, the talented developer of our WFRP offerings on The Foundry, and have sequestered him up in our dungeons so he can focus on Cubicle 7’s Foundry presence full time. So far he has taken to this development very well, though I do occasionally hear him conversing, some would say plotting, with high pitched voices that squeak from the walls. I’m sure it’s nothing.

And Yet There’s More…

With the Enemy Within and its companion volumes approaching the end of production — a total of some 10 books and almost 1,500 pages of published material — the eyes of the WFRP team have turned towards the future. Our immediate intentions are to release a pair of player focused books, one for those with magical inclinations, and another for those with more faith in honest gunpowder and steel. We will be exploring in more depth some of the non-human species that we have heard you clamouring for, and intend to stretch our wings, as it were, in exploring regions beyond the borders of the Empire. Our adventure content will certainly continue, especially with a focus on Altdorf and Middenheim, as we know that many groups are putting down roots in those two vaunted cities!

There will be a small break before we dive into a campaign quite as all-consuming as The Enemy Within again, with that particular bandwidth going towards new projects that haven’t received quite so much attention in previous editions. We will also be looking for some community input on what they’d like to see in the future from WFRP, so keep an eye on our social media for some polls in the upcoming weeks.

Now, I think I heard something scurrying about in the cellar, so if you don’t mind I’m going to load my best crossbow and go take a look. Stay safe, and continue to enjoy WFRP!

Padraig Murphy, WFRP Producer.