Ubersreik Adventures III Announcement

We have a jam-packed, exciting few weeks ahead of us. Starting with our Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Ubersreik Adventures III announcement.


The City of Ubersreik has seen more than its fair share of upheaval and conflict in recent years. From the secretive skullduggery in the corridors of power that led to the dispossession of the once powerful Von Jungfreud family, to the dramatic events and unprecedented upheaval of the Turmoil. 

Spot art from Alessandro Boerfrom Alessandro Boer

Ubersreik Adventures III returns players to the beloved town of Ubersreik. Those familiar with the troubled centre of Reikland trade may have already found themselves recruited by the Altdorf occupiers to suppress resistance to the enlightened rule of Emperor Karl Franz. If their judgement was poorer, they may have entered the employ of Jungfreud loyalists to further their goal to restore Graf Sigismund to the city. The most mislead (or enlightened?) of all may already have thrown their lot in with the Most Respectable Association of Ubersreik, keen to advance the cause of independence from noble rule entirely. 

Despite their actions, Ubersreik remains a town ravaged by divided loyalties. Greed fuelled merchants and entitled nobles vie for control against a backdrop of upheaval and uncertainty. Players may already be familiar with Ubersreik, or perhaps have been newly drawn here, among the ranks of aspiring adventurers and ruthless mercenaries, seeking their fortunes amidst the rapidly changing political landscape. 

Ubersreik Adventures III offers four exciting adventures set in and around the troubled municipality. Adventurers will be brought face to face with the depredations of the Ruinous Power, rampaging Greenskins, and, if they are lucky, perhaps even a few old friends. Plots concerning foul disease, and even fouler political machinations, ensure that only those that keep their steel sharp and their wits sharper will have any say in the fate of Ubersreik. 

So as the scribes and artisans of the Altdorf print works finalise the composing sticks and woodblocks in preparation, we are very pleased to announce our upcoming return to the Grand Duchy in Ubersreik Adventures III.

A Return to the Grand Duchy of Ubersreik

Political events in Ubersreik have been the backdrop for many of the adventures since the launch of the fouth edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Adventuring parties already entangled in the ambitions of one or more of the unscrupulous figures vying for power amidst the desperate city will be eager to return.

Ubersreik is a location rich in lore and adventure, from the events of the Starter Set and the city’s occupation by Altdorf forces, right through to the ever-encroaching tide of vermin that threaten to overrun the beleaguered city, it’s easy to see what keeps drawing brave adventurers back to Ubersreik.

Exploring the city's development after the events of The Enemy Within has allowed us to revisit some of the fantastic Ubersreik based adventures of earlier editions. Those familiar with the Dark Cults of A Guide to Ubersreik from the WFRP Starter Set will quickly recognise Andreas von Bruner, his personal Steward, Gregor Piersson and their mysterious painting - a mystery explored further in an updated version of the classic 3rd edition adventure, Eye for an Eye. 

An Eye for an Eye - Scene by Sam Manley


Ubersreik Adventures III also contains a brand new adventure set around the village of Giessbach as well as a detailed timeline of events allowing both players and GM’s to experience Ubersreik in a variety of new ways…

Exciting Time(line)s

In Ubersreik Adventures III we take a detailed look at changes that recent events have brought about in the Grand Duchy. We explore in detail the events of four distinct eras in the city’s bloodied and brutal recent history. These momentous years between 2509-2516 I.C. are full of powerful forces keen to recruit willing parties to advance their cause.

This allows you to approach adventures from any point in the turbulent history of Ubersreik. Your party might arrive in the city prior to the events of the occupation or the Turmoil, playing through each adventure and slowly revealing the underlying current of corruption at the heart of the squabbling ruling class.

A Familiar Face 

One of the great things about returning to Ubersreik is the familiarity we now have with the setting, including the possibility of encountering some faces players may or may not be pleased to see again.

While the nobility of Ubersreik and the guildmasters jostled for power, and ruthless mercenaries and antagonists stalked the streets, one man managed to rise to a position of power within the Ubersreik Debtor’s Gaol. His new role has brought him many lucrative opportunities — far more than his old patrol route ever did.

Rudi Klumpenklug - Portrait by Erin Rea