The Last 24 Hours in the Broken World

Previously, we spoke about The First 24 hours in the Broken World. With the Broken Weave Kickstarter in its last 24 hours, we wanted to summarise some of the highlights and achievements of the campaign so far.  

Broken Weave is currently over 1,500% funded. The book has drastically expanded since the beginning, with Ten stretch goals reached so far and additional stretch goals recently announced to bring even more exciting content to the book. We’re already well on our way to unlocking the next stretch goal, so keep an eye out for more updates on our Broken Weave Kickstarter. Now let’s dive into the ever-growing Broken World.

€150,000 Stretch Goal Unlock: Relics of the Broken World

Collection of 10 powerful artefacts from the pre-Breaking world which will be added to all versions of Broken Weave. Few artefacts survive the destruction of magic, but those that do have storied legacies and world changing power. Unfortunately, with that power comes terrible curses, manifested by the power of their inherent Decay.

  • Each relic of the Broken World is not just a beautifully illustrated magic item to add to you games, it will also come with:
  • Myths around its history and use, which offer fleeting glimpses of the world before the Breaking.
  • Plot hooks to help GMs build adventures around the relic and add it to your campaign.
  • Unique Decay transformations that can overwrite the Lineage Curses. Wield an ancient relic and your elf may not turn into a crystal statue after all, but something far different, and possibly worse.

€125,000 Stretch Goal Unlock: New Faction - Mycelial Coven

Rumours speak of a place in the Broken World where no sane person treads. Of a coven that worships the fungal blooms found within the ossified skull of a dead god.

They say that lost souls are drawn to its call. Those condemned wanderers who are lured by the sweet scent of rot, embark on a grave pilgrimage. They seek the sacred burial site in ancient, snow-capped mountains, climb the treacherous chains that whip and snap in the wind, crawl inside the hollow skull where frozen chunks of god-matter still reside, and breathe deep the spores of divine putrefaction to join the cursed convent.

They say that those infected can hear each other's thoughts, cease aging, and gain unnatural strength. Yet in return, they become emaciated husks as their flesh is sucked dry by the fungal growths that burst from their mycelial veins. Before long, their sunken skulls resemble that of their rotting progenitor, and their voices become little more than rasping gasps of dusty spores.

But these are just rumours, for there are few who live to whisper tales of the Mycelial Coven.

€100,000 Stretch Goal Unlock: 20-page Adventure - The Titan's March

Titans are some of the greatest threats in the Broken World. These colossal monsters roam the landscape spreading Decay in their wake. None can say for sure what their origins are. Some believe they are the last lingering servants of dead gods, others that they are nexus points for Decay itself, and some even whisper that they were once the greatest heroes of the world that came before who were so imbued with magic they became the towering monsters we see today.

Whatever their origin, some Titans are driven by unknowable impulses to wander. To the people of the Broken World, Titans are as devastating and earth-shattering as natural disasters, to be feared and avoided rather than fought.

However, in The Titan’s March, your unfortunate Haven becomes the target of one such Titan. The instant the gargantuan monster is spotted on the twisting horizon heading towards the Haven, it becomes a race against time to unlock the secrets of the tragic creature, and find a way to divert its course before it destroys everything you hold dear.

€75,000 Stretch Goal Unlock: New Haven - Guardian’s Lament

Legend says that in the heart of a scorching desert, carved into winding tunnels beneath the surface, was a great city known far and wide as a hub of trade and rest. Its people were happy and devout. They offered worship to a god of safe travels, he who summoned the oasis, calmed the storm, and lit the guiding star.

When the Breaking began, the people of the city cried out to their god for rescue. Being a good and noble deity, the god descended from the heavens at speed to personally safeguard his followers in their time of dire need.

Yet during his descent, divine magic broke and his descent became a fall. He plummeted to the earth, like a mountain cast from the heavens, and fell upon his most devout city — sealing the city’s tunnels with his corpse and leaving his followers to perish in the dark.

The people of Guardian’s Lament are those precious few who survived the fall. Now they inhabit a small oasis nearby, cast in the shadow of their fallen god. Their goal is to forever safeguard the Guardian from sinister harvesters who would steal its divine blood for ill-use.

When times are harsh, and resources scarce, some brave scavengers journey through hand-cut tunnels into the ruined city beneath the sands to claim lost resources. Yet Decayed creatures lurk in the shadows, once welcoming inhabitants now twisted and deadly. Worse still, a keening wind blows through the tunnels, thought to be the echoed death-rattle of a god who failed his people. This harrowing cry can drive even the strongest willed Warden to their knees with overwhelming sorrow.

The Haven of Guardian’s Lament was created by the entire Cubicle 7 team during playtesting, and is the main Haven used in our campaign. We’ve become quite attached to the place, and we’re excited for players to use in their games — as their own Haven, or possibly a nearby ally, or even rival.

€50,000 Stretch Goal Unlock: Custom Haven Sheet

At the heart of every Broken Weave game is a Haven. These precious settlements are your home, the palace where your loved ones live, and the reason you risk body and soul to venture into the uncanny wilderness. Havens are characters in their own right, and they deserve their own character sheets.

These custom Haven sheets are the perfect tool to record everything you need to know about your Haven, from its original founding principles, its form of governance, and key figures such as Hope, Population, and Surplus. There will even be space to record important NPCs, structures, and a timeline of the Haven’s storied history.

€40,000 Stretch Goal Unlock: Digital Map Markers

Travel in the Broken World is no easy matter. Time and distance are malleable under the influence of Decay. Yet despite this, mapping the land is an important part of most Havens. Walking the same path with Hope in your heart can give it permanence, shorten distances between your Haven and a valuable resource or ally.

As a result, Seekers and Sages work together to chart the Broken World as best they can, regularly updating maps as the landscape and its features shift.

The Digital Map Markers let you replicate this experience at the table. Rather than working with a static map, this collection of evocative icons can be used to represent Havens, Titans, Monsters, and Waymarkers.

As a GM, you can use these assets in a Virtual Tabletop, or simply print and cut them out to hand to your players as they discover the wonders of the Broken World. Then, as reality shifts, you can move them freely around your map in time with the effects of Hope and Decay.

€30,000 Stretch Goal Unlock: New Lineage - The Forgotten

For the most part, Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings are the only non-decayed Lineages left in the Broken World, but it was not always so. Countless Lineages have been lost to time, their people so infused with magic that they had no hope of surviving the Breaking, or too rare and disparate to form lasting communities.

The Forgotten is a scion of one of these lost Lineages — a unique individual who has somehow survived the death and decline of their people. During character creation, a Forgotten character can pick from a number of bonuses to represent the myriad different species and cultures that have been lost to time.

One Forgotten may have a bonus to their Armour Class, to represent a reptilian hide or robotic shell, while another may have natural weapons to represent as claws, horns, or razor sharp teeth. As such, the Forgotten is the perfect Lineage to represent any strange and unique Lineage you can imagine.

Yet the Curse of all Forgotten remains the same: your people are gone, spoken of only in half-remembered folktales and crumbling tomes. As knowledge of your lineage and culture slips from memory, your physical form crumbles and fades away with them.

To be a Forgotten is to treasure your fading heritage, to share it with others, and hope that in doing so you can save yourself, and your people.

€25,000 Stretch Goal Unlock: Custom Character Sheets

These sheets will ensure that you have dedicated space to track all the vital information your characters need, including mechanics unique to Broken Weave, such as Hope and Decay.

€20,000 Stretch Goal Unlock: Digital Wallpapers

A collection of Digital Wallpapers featuring art from Broken Weave. These will cover a range of resolutions to ensure you can cover your desktop and phones in the most striking imagery from the Broken World.

€15,000 Stretch Goal Unlock: New Class - The Harrowed

The Harrowed do what few people can: they manipulate Decay.

They are a disparate group of cursed individuals who have uncovered a unique gift: by willingly taking Decay into their bodies, they can temporarily resist its corrupting effects. This lets them use arcane artefacts that would corrupt others, absorb decay to protect their allies, and some can even wield strange reality-warping powers no mortal could possibly boast. Thus, a Harrowed can turn the most dangerous aspect of the Broken World into a powerful, if unpredictable weapon.

But the true tragedy of the Harrowed is that even they are not completely immune to the Decay they wield. Every time they use their powers to take Decay into themselves, they walk upon a razor's edge — risking horrifying backlash and their irreversible slide towards the point of no return, and a monstrous transformation.

As a result of their ‘gifts’, many Harrowed characters are shunned or outcast by Havens, becoming wandering nomads in search of a home willing to accept them. This means that, in most cases, when Harrowed finds a community that accepts them, they protect it at all costs.

Keep an eye out for more updates on our Broken Weave Kickstarter.