Soulbound: Ulfenkarn - Scenes from the Cursed City

Welcome back to #MortalRealmsMonday. Today we’ve got another sneak peek of our upcoming title for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, delving into Ulfenkarn: City at the Edge of Death. Exploring the cursed city you can expect to engage in grim & perilous adventures against all manner of undead adversaries. But the city itself is as much a character as its rogues gallery, so we thought you may like a quick guided tour around a selection of the city’s deadly locations.

‘The Sprawl’ by Jonathan O'Donoghue 

We begin our tour outside the city’s walls in the Sprawl. This section of Ulfenkarn has long since been decimated by Chaos Forces – in particular Slaughn the Ravenor’s assault on the city – and has never recovered. In this sparsely populated district, sandwiched between the city’s harbours and expansive mortuary fields, survivors eke out a living by scavenging the ruins for forgotten supplies. It’s a dangerous life; Dire Wolves from the wilds beyond prowl the decimated streets looking for fresh mortal meat. 

You can see here that the Ebon Citadel is an ever present landmark, looming above the entire city, always on the horizon. There, Radukar the Wolf watches over his city. But the Sprawl is the farthest district from the Wolf’s gaze, and might be the best place to rally a resistance against his regime. Rumours also speak of Khorne cultists hiding in the ruins, desperately waiting for the Blood God’s next assault on the city, or even to finish off Slaughn’s work for themselves.

‘The Barrowmark’ by Jonathan O'Donoghue 

Moving past the grand city walls, and much closer to the Ebon Citadel, we come to the front facade of the Barrowmark. This ancient university of Mournhold was once home to young nobles and grand princes of the city, but since Radukar’s coup, has become home to Torgillius’s faction of the Pact Mortalis. Now the lecture halls and laboratories are an institute of Necromancy, death magic, and grave-sand realmstone experimentation.

Ever since they took over, Torgillius has his schism of the Pact Mortalis fighting over each other, for his ear and approval. They compete to push the boundaries of Necromancy, creating all sorts of new spells and monsters to bolster Radukar’s armies. Find yourself with a spare corpse on hand? The institute will buy any cadaver, no matter the state.

‘Ebon Citadel Barracks’ by Sam Manley

At the heart of the city lies the Ebon Citadel, a massive five-part dungeon filled with deadly foes and the seat of Radukar’s power. Here we witness the Barracks, a sprawling complex of garrisons and storehouses, directly beyond the Citadel’s front gate. Within its cold walls, the Ulfenwatch, the city’s skeletal army of wights, await orders from Radukar and his Thirsting Court – in the meantime they eternally march about the parade grounds, a grim ceremony to display Radukar’s power.

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed this short tour. We should have much more to share with you from the Cursed City soon! Anyone looking for another sneak preview of Ulfenkarn, and to get a taste of Soulbound’s Grim & Perilous ruleset, should check out Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, Vossheim’s Holdouts – a fantastic one-shot grim and perilous Soulbound adventure set during the Necroquake and Radukar’s usurpation of the city.