Soulbound, Era of the Beast: New Heroes

Soulbound, Era of the Beast: New Heroes

Greetings mortals and welcome back to another #MortalRealmsMonday. Our newest release, Era of the Beast, is fast approaching so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to run through the new Archetypes you can find in the book, and how they play in-game.

Lumineth: Hurakan Windcharger, Scinari Loreseeker

Two new heroes of the Lumineth take to the Mortal Realms. The Hurakan Windcharger is a skilled archer who rides atop their loyal Treerunner. When a windcharger joins your party, you may think you are getting two new members to your binding, but in truth you are getting three! The windcharger is bonded with an aelmentiri of wind, an elemental spirit which guides their arrows to their target with uncanny accuracy. This makes the Hurakan Windcharger play as a fast and accurate ranged character, capable of delivering swift arrows to wherever they are needed.

The Scinari Loreseeker is a hunter of relics and secrets who uses a fine balance of melee and magical might in their fighting style. Mechanically, they gain benefits for switching between casting spells and cutting down foes from turn-to-turn, meaning they are an interesting and dynamic character to play in the heat of battle.

The Errant Draconith

Excitement abounds for the grand return of the Draconith species. These towering draconic beings come with all the trappings you would expect from the children of Dracothion — thick scales, scything claws, titanic wingspan, and a devastating flame breath. This is all backed up by incredibly high inherent strength, which makes an Errant Draconith every bit as deadly as you would expect. Yet their biggest weakness is their naivety. Since they have been literally sheltered by their seraphon caretakers within the aetheric void, at character creation, an Errant Draconith can expect to have almost no training in the finer points of life in the Mortal Realms. This makes playing a Draconith a unique experience, as they are greatly shaped by what they learn from their companions and their experience more so than any other Soulbound archetype.

Stormcast Eternals: Knight-Judicator, Knight-Relictor, Knight-Vexillor

Three new Stormcast Eternals take to the field to aid bindings during the Era of the Beast. The Knight-Judicator wields a massive Terminus Greatbow, and is accompanied by not one, but two loyal Gryphound companions. Yet their true power comes from their ability to call down the wrath of Sigmar himself on their foes. This ability is infrequently used, but grows more powerful the higher Doom is, as Sigmar seeks to aid those most in need.

The Knight-Relictor aids their allies in battle via miracles empowered by the ritualistically burning the bones of saints. As one would expect, saintly bones are a finite resource, so a Knight-Relictor follows a binding with an ulterior motive worn on their sleeve — should a member of the binding perish, their bones will be cleansed and added to their collection of sacred remains.

The Knight-Vexillor carries their sacred standard wherever hope threatens to falter. These powerful relics each have their own unique array of powers, which are only enhanced by the Knight-Vexillor’s ability to plant the standard in the earth and declare that none shall fall while they stand, granting boons to their ally’s Death Tests.

Daughters of Khaine: Khinerai, Melusai

With Morathi-Khaine’s ascension, the Scáthborn no longer need to hide in the shadows of the Khainite temples, only taking to the field in battle. Now they brazenly walk the realms (or fly and slither as is their want).

The Khinerai are aerial scouts and assassins, capable of taking to the skies and navigating the battlefield in a startling blur of wings. When they wield their sharp javellines, if they swoop into a dive, they can hurl their barbed javelins with truly shocking force. Alternatively, they may wield barbed sickles and descend from the heavens in a savage storm.

The Melusai are agents of fear and intimidation. They still carry their Scáthborn’s Guise, which lets them take on the illusion of a mundane aelf, which they use to sow fear and intimidation among the enemies of Morathi-Khaine. Yet when battle begins, they can reveal their true form, wielding their heatseeker bows, heartshard glaives, and the devastating Scáth Touch to carve up their foes and freeze them at the moment of death into still-living crystalline statues.

Sylvaneth: Warsong Revenant

With the Ritual of Life in full swing, Alarielle has sent the Warsong Revenants out into the mortal realms, to act as her envoys and spread the Spirit Song wherever their melodic voices can be heard. As you can expect from a pipe wielding manifestation of the Spirit Song, the Warsong Revenants are unparalleled performers, who cast magic and unbind wicked spells with their Warsong Flute. They can also summon terrifying swarms of malicious Spites, which can protect them during their performances, or tear their foes to shred.

Free Peoples: Witch Hunter

Last but not least, we have the Witch Hunter. These devout members of the Order of Azyr are tasked with uprooting corruption wherever it may fester within the Cities of Sigmar. It is not an easy ask for any mortal, but luckily enough they are well equipped for the task. The Witch Hunters have a wealth of skills and talents at their disposal, which makes them unparalleled at sniffing out corruption in all its forms. In addition, their Weapons of Banishment bring the hurt to daemons and spellcasters alike, and even let a bold Witch Hunter carve spells themselves from the air.

There we have it! A rundown of all the archetypes you can find in Era of the Beast, which are you most excited to see take to the dangerous wastes of Ghur and the wider Mortal Realms?