Meet the Team - T.S Luikart

This week we twisted T.S. Luikart's arm to share his backstory and love of RPGs.

It’s 3 a.m. on a school night and I’m staring, wide-eyed, at my startled Father, who stands, blurry-eyed, in my doorway. I’m in mid-jump, fine form, leaping up and down on my bed, yelling “Rohan! Rohan!” for the horns of the North were wildly blowing about dark Mindolluin’s sides and Rohan had come at last. My Father’s gaze dropped from mine to the copy of The Return of the King clutched tightly in my hands. He smiled slowly and shook his head. “It’s way past time for bed, Son.”

I was 7.

My name is T.S. Luikart and while that night may not have cemented my destiny, it’s no coincidence I wrote large parts of The One Ring’s The Horse-Lords of Rohanmany years after. I have been a roleplaying game designer for 26 years, a few highlights of which include Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition, Dark Heresy, the Dragon Age RPGfrom Green Ronin, Eclipse PhaseTenra Bansho ZeroGolden Sky StoriesandShadow of the Demon Lordbefore coming to work for Cubicle 7 full time.

These days, I juggle a bit of global freight, help sort out customer orders and, oh yeah, write for The One RingAdventures in Middle-EarthWarhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4thEdition (because working on one edition was just not enough), and the forthcoming Age of Sigmar Roleplaying Game. My job, in the end, is to serve as rigger, mummer, propmaster, and sage, so that you and yours can have your golden hours to roar across the stage, playing heroes, tyrants, and everything between. I’m very proud of the work we did on the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Starter Set (I think it’s the greatest WFRP supplement I’ve worked on… so far) and can’t wait till you all have physical copies to play with!

As for me, I’m happily married with kids, the youngest of which turned 18 not too long ago here. I’ve been a GW miniatures fan for a long time indeed, and use painting as a way to relax. As I write this, some of my favourite Jes Goodwin Chaos champions are winking at me from a nearby shelf, and on the work bench is the start of a big project - my Mechanicum Questoris Knight Magaera. Her name is Fulmen Vult– a rough translation of which from the High Gothic might be “The Lightning Wills it”.

T.S. Luikart

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