WFRP Folk and Folklore of the North: Part 6


We have another intriguing piece from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Developer Dave Allen today! If you missed any of Dave's previous Folk and Folklore posts you will find part five and all the previous articles linked here.

The Nordland Separatist Movement

So if I read this right, the Baron is due to pass beyond the Middle Mountains six days hence. Sigmar knows how our informant worked that out, but if his facts are straight, we can secure the carriage to this bluff in the clearing here and get some shots off. Manann send us a favourable wind and we’ll cause such a blast even the cloth-eared Graf’ll have to heed it. Remember Elswater Keep? Remember the Necromancer’s Ruin? This is for Theodric!’ 

Sepp Wurnhauser, Artillerist

While we are on the subject of hammers and tools in general, you know what they say about Nordlanders? They don’t have an axe to grind — they just want their independence. Centuries of resentments, recriminations and plain old-fashioned rage are ideal conditions to incite a separatist movement and start a rebellion…

Nordland joined the Empire in 767 IC, after centuries on the edge of Sigmar’s domains. In the intervening millennia it became a province in its own right, never as powerful or politically important as wealthier regions in the south, but significant enough to hold Electoral status. It even produced an Emperor, the universally-loathed Hjalmar the Tyrannical. But Imperial provinces’ fortunes fluctuate over the centuries, and Nordland is now ruled by Middenheim and governed by the puppet Baron Werner Nikse, an enthusiastic relative-by-marriage to the Todbringers.

Many Nordlanders resent Middenheim rule, calling back to times past when Nordland determined its own fate and took its place with the Electors. The separatist movement has no central control or organisation, but pockets of rebellion have arisen throughout the province. Some signal their allegiance with an hourglass emblem, which echoes a symbol of defiance used by Count Ostrein of Nordland in 2015 IC against the armies of Middenheim at the Battle of Elstwater Keep.

It is an open secret that Nordmarshall Theodoric Gausser supports independence from Middenheim, as his ancestors ruled Nordland in the past and harbour a rivalry with the Nikses. While Gausser proclaims public condemnations of violence or destruction for the Nordland cause, he plots to overthrow the Nikses. To this end, he has made alliances in Altdorf and elsewhere, plotting to return Electoral authority to a province he will rule.

Nordlander Assassin — portrait by Erin Rea

The Nordlander Separatist Movement have their part to play in several tragic events which spark a period of civil war, the Turmoil, where province rises up against province in a conflict that threatens to leave the Empire in Ruins.

The key to ending this conflict as quickly as possible lies with a group of unlikely heroes. Keep watching Cubicle 7’s social media accounts and news pages for more news coming soon! In the meantime, remember to watch your back, keep out of trouble, and avoid all Turmoil! 

Rocket Attack — scene by Sam Manley

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