WFRP: Doomstones Part 2 - Blood in Darkness 1st Ed PDF


This product is a scan of Doomstones Part 2 - Blood in Darkness from first edition WFRP.

We have been scanning PDFs from WFRP 1st Ed to offer to those who wish to use them in their campaigns but can't get their hands on them. Today we have uploaded a 1st Ed scan of Doomstones - Blood in Darkness to DrivethruRPG.

"Me magic gem shone in da Stunty shrine cuz anuvver one wuz near. Wish I'd known. The boyz iz all runin' off, but I gorra go back fer the uvuer stone some'ow. If I gets 'old of two of 'em magic gems, no zogger can touch me. TORGOCH, BOSS OF THE 'OLE WURLD!"

Follow the century-old path of a renegade Orc warchief through the foothills of the Vaults mountains, discover the relics of a mutiny and a clue which leads to an ancient dwarven shrine and a second crystal of Power. Finding the shrine is just the beginning - beyond lie age-old dwarven defences, and the tunnels' modern dwellers...

Blood in Darkness mixes investigation and combat to present WFRP players with a constant challenge. It is the second part of the Doomstones Campaign following on from Fire in the Mountains.

Designed for adventurers in their second or third careers, this adventure continues to explore a challenging new area of the Warhammer world, where only the strong and the cunning survive for long.

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