Beset on Every Side - Warhammer 40,000: Threat Assessment Xenos

Threat Assessment Xenos

Threat Assessment: Xenos is our latest release for Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory, a bestiary of terrible Xenos threats for your players to contend with! Packed with over 100 new threat profiles, it is currently available for pre-order and as a digital download. Ordering the printed book gets you access to the PDF right away, so you can dive in and start plotting your next devious encounter without delay!

Beset on Every Side

The Imperium is beset by threats on every side, and in few places is this more obvious than Gilead, the Forsaken System. Foul xenos have long had an interest in Gilead, and despite the isolation caused by the Cicatrix Maledictum, the most cunning of them seem still to be able to find their way in and out of the system. Some, such as the belligerent Orks, were thought to have been purged from the surrounding space long ago, and yet they now plan to assault the core worlds of Gilead from a massive Rok that is slowly taking shape in the outer system. 

Others, such as the Aeldari in all their forms, have ways of getting into and out of the system that seem to defy the massive warp stones that so stymie Humanity’s own vessels. While the Craftworld of Ulkhari lies in ruins on Trollius, Drukhari reavers, piratical Corsairs, and even the enigmatic Harlequins are free to act across Gilead.

There are stranger visitors to Gilead even than that, as the T’au have found their way to the system. They remain a lethal threat to all right-thinking Imperial citizens, even with their Ethereal missing and unable to provide the guidance upon which they rely so heavily. 

The xenos taint is hardly confined to the void however, as even in the depths of the Imperium’s own hives and manufactorums the alien festers. Genestealer Cultists, their blood bearing a taint that is at once subtle and monstrous, gather their strength. The elders, their blood so pure that their holy forms must be hidden away, grow restless, and their many offspring are only too eager for the day of ascension to come.

Finally, on the outer edges of the system, an ancient threat stirs once again. Known to the Aeldari in myth and secret history, the Necrons arise once more. Their interest in Gilead is ancient, older than the Imperium, older than Humanity itself, and they are eager to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

Whats in the book?

Threat Assessment: Xenos provides a detailed and comprehensive introduction to each of the six major xenos factions active in the Gilead System. The book is packed with terrifying Threats ready to drop into your adventures, from towering avatars of long sundered gods, to malign, gene-corrupted cultists, lurking in the darkness….

Threat Assessment: Xenos covers the background and potential dangers each of these Xenos factions pose to the Imperium in the Gilead System. From precarious allies in the fickle Aeldari to the ruthless aggression of the rampaging Orcs, Threat Assessment: Xenos provides a vast array of new and exciting enemies.

Drukhari Hellion

Within each faction's specific chapter you will find Threats capable of adding genuine peril and powerful enemies into your games to challenge players. At Tier 1, Agents may find themselves struggling to contend with the horror of confronting the duplicitous and dangerous Kabalite Warriors of the Drukhari, wielding an array of intricate blades and deadly poisons, or T’au Pathfinders, who excel in long range combat. These new dangers are reflected in each threat’s profile, with new specialised abilities, battlecries, and weaponry. 

Groups exploring the higher tiers of Wrath & Glory will also have their hands full, tasked with facing down powerful adversaries that pose a danger to the Gilead System itself! These include powerful Patriarchs of the GeneStealer Cult, brutal Drukhari Archons or even the amassed firepower and advanced technology of the T’au Crisis Battlesuits. 

Kroot Carnivore

Alongside the comprehensive exploration of Xenos threats, wargear and abilities, Threat Assessment: Xenos also introduces exciting new rules and detailed options for creating expansive battlefields. These hazard strewn warzones are the ideal environment to introduce the most dangerous and deadly Xenos threats contained within Threat Assessment: Xenos’ 192 pages, making it an essential companion.  piece to your Wrath & Glory games.  Pre-order the physical version and receive the PDF immediately. We also have the PDF-only version available to purchase.