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Orcs and Goblins infest the wild corners of the Old World and beyond. They are creatures bound by a common ancestry, a love of bloodshed and violence, and the unifying spirit of the Waaagh! Tribes and Tribulations provides details on a number of these belligerent and spiteful creatures: Goblins, Orcs, Black Orcs, Hobgoblins, and Snotlings, as well as sections on Ogres and Trolls. Each specific tribe receives its own chapter, demonstrating the variety of Orc and Goblin warbands that plague the Old World and beyond. 

hob goblin

Hobgoblin – Character Art by Sam Manley

The book provides a template scheme that can quickly buff up the basic bestiary Orc or Goblin into a sneaky Skirmisher, dangerous Elite warrior, formidable Warboss, or magic-wielding Shaman. The book gives examples of tribes to show the distinction between Orcs, Goblins, Savage Orcs, Ogres, and Hobgoblins. 

  • The Cluster-Eye Tribe: The Terrors of the Drakwald, a band of Forest Goblins hungry for captives
  • The Broken Nose Tribe: Notorious breakers of several Dwarf Holds and incorrigible looters of artillery
  • The Black Mountain Boyz: A vicious band of Orcs accomplished in the arts of banditry and extortion
  • The Stone Snakes: Savage Orcs engaged in an ongoing campaign against the depredations of Chaos Dwarfs
  • The Wolfboyz of Oglah Khan: A band of Hobgoblin scouts for hire, with a pronounced reputation for treachery
  • Matthogg’s Payswords: A brutal group of mercenary Ogres currently located in the wilds of Ostermark

Each of these warbands has a different modus operandi, and characters from each tribe are described to demonstrate how the templates can be used to create distinctive antagonists and tougher challenges. Each section comes with its own ideas on tactics, disposition, and encounters with the warband, as well as an essay by pre-eminent Altdorf scholar Olde Weirde to provide an in-world perspective.

Broken dwarf

Broken Dwarf Hold – Art by JG O’Donoghue

Trolls do not fall so easily into roles such as chieftain or soldier, being far more animalistic than the other creatures described in Tribes and Tribulations. Instead, they’re supplied with a set of templates for particular types of Troll, such as River Trolls or Stone Trolls. These ‘type’ templates can then be combined with other templates to account for the individual quirks of a given Troll, whether being Old, or Hulking, or a magic-wielding River Troll Hag.

river troll

River Troll Hag – Character Art by Sam Manley

Sections on the magical powers of Orc and Goblin Shamans and Ogre Butchers are given, together with flavourful spell lists and miscast tables for Waaagh! Magic and Gut Magic. The book is also furnished with guidance on how an Orc or Goblin Warlord could make for an excellent nemesis character, with dastardly ambitions, trademark strategies, and not-so-loyal vassals.

Tribes and Tribulations out now. Keep your eye on Cubicle 7’s website and social media accounts for more news as it comes.

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