Imperium Maledictum Welcome to Hive Rokarth

‘Bowels & Beyond’ Art by Karl Fitzgerald

The upcoming release of the Imperium Maledictum Starter Set for Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay is on the horizon. Today we bring you a sneak peek at some of its contents and setting! Not only does the Starter Set include a terrific adventure built for new and seasoned players alike, along with Pre-generated Characters, player aides and tokens, but it’s accompanied by a guide to Hive Rokarth – the largest settlement on Voll where the Starter Set adventure takes place (including the release adventure Chemical Burn).

This guide supplement provides the GM with a wealth of information about Voll and Hive Rokarth, but also plot hooks, character profiles and locations. Plentiful building blocks to create more adventures for your party and dig deeper into the heresies that have infected the Hive at large.   

One of Voll’s greatest assets to the Imperium is the byproduct of its natural biome. Beyond the edges of Rokarth’s downtrodden sprawl lie vast expanses of effluent lakes and acidic swampland. These hostile marshes are constantly harvested by chemical-burnt gang-pressed workers. The biochemicals they extract are sent back to Hive Manufactorums for processing into vital produce – abundant medicae products, fertilisers, and Promethium refining – all critical towards fulfilling Voll’s planetary tithe.

Many of these chemicals are harvested by the Stilt-Fleet, an armada of massive Stilt-walkers that run between the Hive’s outskirts and the wild wastes beyond. Though unified in purpose, each Walker is operated by different families who are forever treading upon each other’s stilts. Daily they fight over prospective finds and must venture farther from the Hive to find what they need to trade to survive.

‘Avana Tawn’ Art by Karl Fitzgerald

In the toxic wilds, characters may encounter Avana Tawn, a Stilt-pilot who regularly transports passengers and cargo between the Hive and the wastes. She may appear as a roguish daredevil on the surface, but her long-standing survival in the bowels of Rokarth is due to her quick thinking and abundant hive-smarts. She notes everything that’s going on around her to steer her business through the cut-throat Stilt-fleet better and have information to trade when she desperately needs it. A handy contact for any party, whether lost in the toxic wastes or seeking key information to further their investigation.

The Imperium Maledictum Starter Set is coming soon! Keep your augmetic eyes trained on the Cubicle 7 Blog for more information before release!