Imperium Maledictum Update Notes

Imperium Maledictum Update Notes

Today, we're very happy to share a new PDF of Imperium Maledictum Core Rulebook and detail the latest round of fixes and changes implemented.

Once again, we'd like to thank the amazing community members that have helped us identify this issues by submitted errata.

PDF Updated on June 15th 2023


  • Several typos were corrected throughout the book.

Patron and Character Creation

  • Incorrectly named weapons, including the Stub Pistol, in Faction, Role, and Bestiary entries have been updated.
  • The numbering on the Patron Faction table has been corrected.
  • Misleadingly named ‘Free Boon’ is now updated to ‘Duty Boon’, as it requires the Patron to acquire a Liability as for any other Boon.
  • Some duplicated flavor text was removed from marginalia.
  • Prebuilt player Duties have been updated to ensure they are compatible with the choices presented by their Faction.
  • XP bonus for accepting your Patron’s suggestion of Role has been increased to 50 XP, ensuring the 200 XP for creating a character randomly is correct.

Skills and Talents

  • Intuition (Human) is now correctly referred to as Intuition (People) throughout.
  • The Presence (Intimidation) Specialisation now grants advantage to prospective intimidators who are larger than their target.
  • Lore (Imperium) now correctly referred to as Lore (Adeptus Terra)
  • The Air of Authority Talent now allows the use of either Rapport or Presence to gain its benefit.
  • The Deadeye Talent has been updated so that it provides benefits not already covered by the Aim action.
  • Requirements for the Faithful (Imperial Cult) Talent have been clarified. If you are not a member of the Adeptus Ministorum, you must have at least +2 Influence with them and 2 Advances in Lore Theology to take this Talent.
  • The Full Auto Fanatic Talent’s text has been updated. Those taking advantage of the Talent effectively improve their weapon’s Spread Trait so that it has a chance to hit all enemies in a target zone. It was not the intent that a separate attack roll be made against every single enemy in a zone.
  • The Martyrdom Talent has been updated. To gain the benefit of this Talent, a critical wound must be received in the Emperor’s service, and the +SL benefit it grants applies only to Tests made to directly confront His foes.
  • The text of the Superior Commander Talent has been updated. Players may not gain the benefit of this Talent more than once per turn, and they may not use the additional action granted by this Talent to activate Superior Commander themselves.
  • The Two-Handed Cleave Talent has been updated. This Talent applies only to Melee weapons, it is not intended that the Spread Trait granted by Two-Handed Cleave would cause the weapon to strike the user as well as their target.


  • The text of Rapid Fire has been updated to make it clear that weapons with this Trait can take advantage of either the Burst Trait, or the Rapid Fire Trait, or that weapon may be used without taking advantage of either of these Traits.
  • The cost of ammunition for weapons that expend ammunition with every shot has been reduced in many cases, especially for projectile weapons.
  • Examples in the Armoury have been updated to reflect the correct price of items.
  • Logic (Evaluation) is now correctly identified as the skill required to discern an item’s Flaws, short of actually using it.
  • The Inflict Trait has been updated. Weapons with a damage value must cause at least one Wound on the target to Inflict a condition. Weapons without a damage value only need to hit their target to benefit from their Inflict Trait.
  • The Webber and Needle Rifle have had their descriptions on page 131 adjusted. Both weapons now provide means to inflict the Major version of their condition.
  • Some weapons, such as the Long Las, which were missing the Loud trait, have been updated to include it.
  • The Chain Axe has had its Rend Trait increased to 3.
  • The Encumbrance value of some weapons, such as the Hotshot Las Pistol, has been reduced.
  • The Omniscope and Omnispex are now correctly named as such on the Weapon Modification Table.
  • The text for the Backpack Ammo Supply has been updated to make it clear how much reloading it costs.
  • Melee Attachments now count as a standard knife when removed from a weapon, rather than as an improvised weapon.
  • Text for the laser sight has been adjusted to better reflect how an enemy spotting the ‘dot’ is meant to work.
  • The Exterminator Cartridge has been updated to provide a price for reloads.
  • The effect of the ‘Mono’ upgrade can now, with GM approval, be applied to non-bladed weapons. Players are encouraged to flavour this upgrade in a suitable way, and some suggestions are provided.
  • A cheaper shield has been added to allow players more options.
  • The price of shields has been reduced due to the possibility of them being destroyed.
  • Shields that are destroyed by a weapon with a Rend Trait greater than the Shield’s rating will now damage the player as well as destroy the shield.
  • Text for Flak Armour has been updated to reflect that the +1 Armour bonus from Flak Armour only applies to grenades and other explosives with the Blast or Spread Trait, not to other weapons.
  • The Mind Impulse Unit is now correctly referred to as a Biomechanical Interface.
  • The Chirurgeon’s kit now has rules specified for how it may treat the Bleeding conditions not gained from Critical Wounds, as well as Poisoned conditions.
  • Text around Accommodation and Transport costs updated to make it clear these prices are per person, per day/trip.

Psychic Powers

  • The incorrect numbering on the Psychic Phenomena table has been corrected.
  • Some incorrect names for Environmental Traits used in the Psychic Phenomena table have been updated.
  • Some Tests called for by effects in the Psychic Phenomena table have been updated.
  • Text describing how a Perils of the Warp roll can arise from holding too much Warp Charge has been updated to make it clear that a roll on the (much worse) Perils of the Warp table is required, not the Psychic Phenomenon table.
  • Luck now requires a Challenging (+0) test to manifest.
  • Nova now applies 3 Warp Charge and requires a Difficult (-10) test to manifest.
  • The effects of Preternatural Senses are now better explained.
  • Fire Storm now creates a Minor Hazard, rather than a Major Hazard, to bring it more in line with our powers.


  • The rules for Melee Attacks have been updated. If a target does not oppose a Melee Test at all, the attack gains advantage on their attack. This does not replace the rules for attacking from Hidden or attacking surprised or incapacitated targets.
  • The rules for Dodging ranged attacks should now make it clear that they are not a standard opposed test. A successful Dodge can reduce an attacker's SL, reducing the damage they inflict or making the attack miss outright. A failed Dodge can never grant an attacker additional SL, thus granting them damage or causing a missed shot to hit.

Between Missions

  • References to the Speculation Endeavour now correctly call it by this name, rather than as a ‘Banking’ or ‘Commerce’ Endeavour.
  • References to ‘Consult Savant’ have been similarly updated.


  • Suggested XP rewards increased to 50-80 XP per session, ensuring that in most cases characters can improve on skill per session, or gain a Talent every other session if they wish.
  • The option rules for non-zone ranges now include values for Immediate and Extreme ranges.
  • The rules for Counting Every Bullet now correctly notes that they apply only to weapons with the Burst or Rapid Fire Traits.
  • An optional rule for Condition Resistances has been added on page 314, giving GMs an option to reduce the impact of certain conditions. A table showing which skills and specialisations can be used to resist each condition has been added.


  • Bestiary entries have been updated to properly reflect the stats for certain weapons, especially Autoguns, which were missing their correct Traits, and Frag Grenades, which were incorrectly listed as damage 0
  • The Astropath now correctly has the Divination specialisation.
  • Psychic Powers for the Primaris Psyker are now correctly named.


  • Many conditions have been updated to include a means of removal other than waiting for their duration to expire.
  • The Poisoned condition includes the option of lethal toxins.