13 More Useful Things You Might Not Know About WFRP4e on Foundry VTT

13 More Useful Things You Might Not Know About WFRP4e on Foundry VTT

Hi everyone! We're back with more hopefully helpful tips and hidden features within the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition implementation with Foundry Virtual Tabletop. Like Foundry itself, the system and module offerings have grown so much since the last blog post, so it’s time to go over more features!

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  • 1. /help: There are various commands you can use to help speed up your game, such as automatic payment or testing availability. Instead of going through each one here, you can see them all by simply typing /help in chat!



  • 2. Adding Targets:

Sometimes, you may forget to target a creature, or naturally gain more targets through overcasting spells. How do you deal with automating damage against them if they weren't part of the original targets? Simply right click the attacking test, click "Oppose with Targets"



  • 3. Table Settings: Recently, a new settings menu allows you to configure what tables to use when there are multiples of the same type.



In this menu, you can configure what tables to use for things such as Species (during character generation), Critical Hits, or Miscasts!


  • 4. Opposed Images: When two actors participate in an opposed test, you can access their sheets simply by clicking on the token image in chat. Useful if there's many different tokens of the same Actor!



  • 5. Token Mount Button: Now the mount section on the Combat Tab can be used by dragging and dropping a mount actor to serve as the mount, which works well enough, but will only create the mount actor when you place rider on a Scene.

    If you want to link two tokens as mount/rider when they are already placed on a Scene, you can select them both, and click the Mount button in the Token overlay. This will designate the smaller token as the rider and the larger token as the mount. If they are the same size, the token clicked will be the mount.




  • 6. Manual Rolls: If you still like rolling physical dice and use Foundry simply to facilitate calculations while face-to-face, that can be easily handled with the "Manual Chat Cards" feature, found in the System Settings, which will create a blank chat card that can be filled in with what you physically rolled. Note: This is a per-client setting, so some users can have it enabled, and others can roll completely in Foundry! Useful if you run mixed-real life/remote sessions.


  • 7. Haggling: When you post an item to chat for your players to buy, you can alter the price by 10% with these buttons, representing Haggle Test results



  • 8. Career Selector: When you want to change an Actor's career, there's a helpful menu accessed in the Actor's Career List. Look for the + button in the list header and it will open the Career Selector.


Here you can select a new career from the list provided, separated into careers of the same class (blue headers) or different class (red headers). When you select one, it will automatically calculate the experience needed based on class and completion. If needed, this amount can be edited freely based on circumstances dictated by the GM.




  • 9. Status Modifier: Slumming it up? Showing off a new expensive hat? You can temporarily modify your Status by left or right clicking (incrementing or decrementing respectively). If modified positively, it will now show up as green, or if negatively, red.


  • 10. Static Damage Application: If you want to automatically apply damage outside of Tests, such as a trap or a fall, you can still do so! Simply roll a value in chat such as /r 1d10 + 5 or /r 12 for a static value, then select a Token on a Scene, right click the chat card, and apply damage!


  • 11. Complete All Unopposed: What's worse than a mob of zombies? Having to deal with all the unopposed tests when your Bright Wizard throws a fireball at them. Or is it? When you target multiple Tokens with a spell (or any other attack), you can right click the Test and select Complete All Unopposed






  • 12. Miscast Tooltips: Miscasting can be caused in multiple different ways, luckily, there's usually a tooltip explaining why!




  • 13. Collapsible Inventory Sections: As for a recent update, you can now collapse inventory sections! Click the chevron on the right side of a section to collapse/expand it!


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