Date Posted: 15-11-2019

Wrath & Glory 40k


In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war — that’s why we’ve put the Wrath & Glory combat rules through their paces. Like with WFRP we want to make sure you can play your way, so we’ve added optional rules in addition to the mechanical refinements we’re making to the revised Rulebook. 

New rules can be added for complex combat options, creating strategic and tactical roleplaying opportunities to extend your 15 hour life expectancy. Equally, if you want to embrace the true grim darkness of Warhammer 40,000 we’ve added some options to make every encounter a terrifying fight for survival. The horrors of the far future are also getting some more representation with an extended Bestiary with enemies at every level of play. 

Though there’s only war, there aren’t only warriors. The revised Rulebook will provide extra background materials for creating characters, including expanded origins and objectives for every faction. New talents will also be included to add distinction and refine your playstyle; is your Inquisitorial Acolyte a trained lip-reader or an expert extracting information as painfully as possible? 

All that aside, you’ll be able to continue playing Wrath & Glory exactly how it was before if you want to (with all the errata included), a list of all the revisions we’ve made will be available on release. All the previously planned adventures will also be released following the Rulebook.  

Our team are hard at work finishing the PDF and we will update you more on its release as soon as we can.

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