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Geheimnisnacht, the cursed night when the Chaos Moon rises full and the dead do not rest easily, approaches, and violent storms have wracked the northern coasts of the Empire. On the tiny island of Odner the captain of a small trading cog is tasked with delivering a cargo of the unconsecrated dead to a safe harbour before they become restless. The Characters are roped in to assist him, but the journey ahead of them is sure to be troublesome and perilous. This spooky scenario for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay takes place upon the ocean waves, and whilst the Sea of Claws supplement is not needed to enjoy the scenario, it would help provide additional ideas and details.

  • Skeleton Crew is a short scenario that can be completed in a single session, filled with spooky goings on and mysterious events.

  • The scenario contains all the rules and background needed to include Captain Vangheist and his ship, the Shadewraith, in games of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

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