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Taverns of the Old World Sample
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Visits to taverns and coaching inns are a regular feature of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, either as places to gather information, locate a local person of interest, or spend the night in relative safety.

Adventures and supplements for Warhammer Fantasy roleplay do detail several inns, but they are often particular venues in particular locations that serve the needs of the adventure. This supplement is designed to help a GM in a hurry generate a tavern that feels like part of the Old World, but that is also distinct enough to have a unique feel. A GM who is caught unprepared when their players decide to head to the nearest tavern can use this guide to determine what sort of fare is available, what the staff is like, and what customers are currently spending their time in the taproom.

So the next time your players announce that they are heading to the nearest hostelry, a few rolls using this guide can quickly result in a suitable place with a distinctive feel and circumstances.

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