Warhammer Age of Sigmar: The Ruins of Karaznethil ⤓

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: The Ruins of Karaznethil
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Karaznethil once stood as a bastion of friendship and ingenuity, a rare societal amalgam of Dispossessed Duardin and Alarielle’s children, the Sylvaneth. Living together, they worked marvels, wondrous designs rooted in nature and improved by time-tested karak inventiveness, a home forged and grown from the metallic flora of Chamon’s woodlands. 

But in the Mortal Realms, peace never lasts. The Ruinous powers returned to Chamon and, with their return, overthrew Karaznethil. Now, the township lies in ruin, an ever-growing blight of Nurgle’s doing. The remnants of Karaznethil’s people lie in wait, watching their home from afar, hoping that one day the right heroes will come along to shift the balance of power…

The Ruin of Karaznethil is an exciting and storied adventure location, an ancient ruin ripe for exploration and discovery by a party exploring the Realm of Metal – Chamon. Infested by Grandfather Nurgle’s mightiest daemons and blights, aim to liberate the township, purge it of disease and return it to the hands of its former people, or simply delve in to recover the treasures hidden within; rare artefacts crafted by Duardin and Sylvaneth hand.

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