Date Posted: 02-04-2020

Tugboats: FREE Print & Play Game!

Looking for something fun to play with your family today? Why not download this FREE Print & Play game, designed by Cubicle 7’s Kieran Murphy?

Download for FREE here.


TugBoats is a two player ‘Tug of War’ cardgame where players play boats and tug ropes! Players plan their turn and choose a boat to reveal simultaneously. 

Choose wisely as the fastest boat gets first choice of buoy bonuses but the strongest team moves the ribbon one step closer to victory! Each boat has it’s own unique special ability to help turn the tides in your favor!

Suitable for ages 8+

Tugboats can be printed on 4 A4 sheets of paper, is suitable for ages 8+ and plays in 5-20 minutes. In an effort to make this Print and Play easier and more accessible, we’ve made the 30 Buoy tokens interchangeable with other popular games – so you can use components from another game to save you assembly time!

Additional Components needed

A token to mark each players strength and the ribbon on the start card.
We’d also recommend a bag to draw from if using third party components.

You can also play a game digitally over on steam via Tabletop Simulator.

Designed by Kieran Murphy, a member of Cubicle 7’s fulfilment team.

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