Date Posted: 15-09-2019

Sunday Summary

This week was busy one as Dom and the team travelled to America to attend a trade convention, meet with lots of amazing retailers and Local Games Stores to make it easier for you to find our games!

CEO Dominic McDowall updates retailers on our upcoming products
Showcasing our WFRP Starter Set


On Monday we discussed the Excelsior Warpriest.

You are a warrior-priest of the God-King, willing to do anything in the name of your divine liege.

The Mortal Realms are huge, and there are times when the high throne of Azyr can feel very far away indeed. The Excelsior Warpriest is the most zealous of Sigmar’s devoted, gladly carrying the word of the God-King to places that have not felt the light of Sigendil in generations. The miracles that an Excelsior Warpriest can perform vary depending on the proclivities of the individual priest and, to a decidedly lesser extent, on the needs of the mission in question. With the power of faith alone a warpriest can heal the sick and the lame, but just as easily scour the life of the tainted, the possessed and the wicked of spirit. While predominantly a product of the Sigmarite faith, the culture of Azyr has marched into the Mortal Realms with its armies and put down roots with its settlers. Hammerhall-Ghyra is known to harbour warpriests devoted to Alarielle, while groups dedicated to Tyrion the Blind King scour the hinterlands of Hysh. Doubtless there are many such groups in the Mortal Realms carrying the light of their gods on the flat of a war hammer in the example of the Excelsior Warpriest.

“Kneel, and trust that Sigmar can tell the innocent from the guilty.”

Ortam ‘The  Crimson Azyrite’ Sallismar

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

On Wednesday we invited you to tell us your best WFRP death stories on social media. If you haven’t already, why not pop over to Facebook now and tell us yours! Bring out your dead! 

Here lies a Henrick the Scholar whose singular purpose in life was to cleanse the skin of blemishes and imperfections. His creams were effective (but also made from mutant flesh). His corruption and inability to wield a sword ultimately brought along his untimely end. He also wanted to play a dwarf instead.

WFRP Enemy Within Collector’s Edition Advance Pre-Order Update

We also released the 2nd edition of our Developer Diaries last week. If you advance pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition (full set or volume 1) you should have received an email with the second of our Developer Diaries. This one comes from Cubicle 7’s CEO and WFRP co-designer Dominic McDowall who is taking the helm as Producer on WFRP while we recruit a new Producer! 

If you haven’t received an email, do check your spam folder. We are aiming to get the first PDF out within the next month, while this is later than anticipated, we will keep you updated throughout the process on here and on our website.

If you wish to advance pre-order and receive our Dev Diaries you can still order here for a limited time.


The One Ring 2nd Ed Character Customisation

On #TORsday we discussed character customisation in The One Ring – The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying Game 2nd Ed. We had already talked a bit about Attributes and how they impact the Target Number (TN) for your skills. Read the full post here.


We are still looking for talented writers who love Warhammer 40,000 and RPGs! Check out the image or link below for more info. If you think this is for you email us your CV and a writing sample by September 20th 2019. Best of luck!