Date Posted: 05-04-2020

Sunday Summary

We hope everyone is managing to keep safe and well, given the current health crisis. If you’re looking for a distraction why not catch up on all of our recent news and updates below?

AoS: Soulbound Production Update


When you open the table of contents of Soulbound, you’ll see that there are 13 chapters to sink your teeth into.

  1. Introduction: A short intro to the Age of Sigmar for new players and those who are already fans of the setting.
  2. Character Creation: A step-by-step guide on how to create your character.
  3. Archetypes: A full list of archetypes to choose from when making your character, each with stunning art and a full page of lore, plus reasons they would become Soulbound.
  4. Skills and Talents: This chapter explains the Skills you’ll use in Soulbound, and contains around a hundred Talents, special abilities you can use to really define your character.
  5. Equipment: The Mortal Realms are a dangerous place, so you’ll need weapons! This chapter includes rules for weapons and armour, aetheric devices of the Kharadron, Fyreslayer runes, and (most importantly) the price of ale!
  6. Rules: How to play the game. Vital to any rulebook.
  7. Between Adventures: It’s rare to find a moment’s peace in the Mortal Realms, so you’ll need to make the most of your downtime!
  8. The Mortal Realms: Over 40 pages of lore and information on life in the Mortal Realms, an overview of each realm, and the major factions you’ll meet. Continue reading here.

Ask the C7 Team a Question

If you want to know more about RPGs – from how we start designing a game, to choosing art, or what a usual day is like when working on an RPG let us know! You might have a burning question on one of our current lines? Or maybe you’re just wondering what we like to play in our spare time, our favourite memory from an epic game we played or some tips for your first time as a GM or even how to start playing remotely? 

Email your question to marketing@ and we will try to get through them over the next few weeks! 

Webstore Special Offers!

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

We have been scanning 1st Ed WFRP books to allow us to offer them in PDF for those who would like to use them in their campaigns, but can’t get their hands on them! 

Last week we added a scan of Doomstones Part 3 – Death Rock from first edition WFRP to DrivethruRPG. Death Rock is the third part of the Doomstones Campaign.

Buy this title here. And find out more about Doomstones Part 1 here and Part 2 here – both also available in PDF!

WFRP: Magic Systems

Check out this recent blog post about Magic Systems in WFRP from Clive Oldfield. Clive started playing WFRP virtually the day it came out, back in 1986 and has contributed to the second, third and fourth editions of the RPG, as well as the officially unofficial Warpstone magazine and so is an excellent source of information! Look out for another article from Clive soon!

WRFP C7 Actual Play

Due to COVID-19 the Cubicle 7 team, like many others, are all working from home – because of this we could no longer run our weekly evening game/playtest in our offices in Ireland. So, we decided it was about time we ran our first fully remote game and share the audio with you all!

We know many of you are looking for a diversion or some escapism at the moment so we’d love if you listened in, the audio runs to about two hours fifteen minutes. Why not let us know what you think over on our social media channels!

So who took part? From top left above we have WFRP Producer Pàdraig Murphy (GM), Graphic Designer Rachael Macken, Editor Chris Walz, Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Producer Emmet Byrne and C7 CEO Dom McDowall. The C7 team were joined by Charlotte Hamilton who you might know from some of the Discord servers that discuss our RPGs such as RatCatchersGuild.

Listen  here.

Tugboats: FREE Print & Play Game!

Looking for something fun to play with your family today? Why not download this FREE Print & Play game, designed by Cubicle 7’s Kieran Murphy?

Download for FREE here.

4OK Layout and Art Reveal

As we near the finish line for the PDF release of Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory, we wanted to share some of the new layout and style with you all!  

The first images below are mock-ups created by our designers to give you an idea of what to expect. Further down you can see the pages in more detail. We’re really excited to share what we have been working on.

You might have noticed the Cherub flying in the top right corner of the page. This little wonder of the Adeptus Mechanicus will help you navigate the different chapters of the new Rulebook.

*Content and layout below not final.

See more here.

Q&A with CEO Dom McDowall

The Rat Catchers Guild on Discord submitted questions for C7’s CEO and game designer Dom McDowall as part of a Q&A recently – check out Dom’s answers here.

C7 Webstore Order Update

Due to COVID-19 we, like many others, are experiencing significant disruption to our delivery network. While our webstore remains open, with numerous special offers available – delays to physical orders are unavoidable in these difficult times. As always all orders placed on include a PDF so you can start prepping and playing straight away!

We really appreciate your support and patience as we work through these challenging and exceptional times, every order placed supports our continued growth and the C7 team.

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