Doctor Who: Sixty Years of Adventure Book 2

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Doctor Who: Sixty Years of Adventure celebrates the world’s longest-running science fiction television show, with a joyous time travelling extravaganza. Join us for the highlights of the world’s most beloved Time Lord’s amazing adventures. Encounter terrifying Daleks, Cybermen, and countless other unforgettable enemies. Experience the wonders of travelling in the TARDIS! 

Hundreds of episodes and stories. Thousands of years of travels through time and space. From the dawn of time and the birth of our planet, to the end of the Universe as the last star fades. 

Book Two takes us to the shattering end of the Time War. Meet the battle-weary War Doctor, then travel on to distant planets and discover hidden secrets of the Doctor’s past.

    • Bring the revival era Doctors, and their most iconic companions and adversaries to life in your games of Doctor Who The Roleplaying Game.
    • Sixty years of adventure at your finger tips – a treasure trove of adventures, aliens, creatures, gadgets, plots, conspiracies, and plenty of running!
    • An epic new series of adventures connecting every Doctor –  A Lustre of Starlight
    • A must-have for fans, gamers, and Whovians of all ages!

    All orders of this product include a PDF redeemable via Drive Thru RPG.

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