Deck of Broken Things


PRE ORDER – Physical copies sent Q3 2024.

The Deck of Broken Things lets you take any 5e monster or location and add them to the Broken World! Apply  bizarre Decayed Transformations to turn any creatures into a nightmarish abomination ready to torment the people of the Broken World — add strange new abilities, inflict twisted mutations, and apply tragic curses to create countless monsters for your Broken Weave game!

This deck of 52 cards is an invaluable tool for all GMs of Broken Weave. The GM simply draws from the deck and applies the effect to any 5th edition creature! This means GMs can use any 5th edition monster book, critter companion, or tome of enemies in their Broken Weave campaign!

Additional information

Additional information
Manufacturer Cubicle 7
Product Type Physical, Pre-order

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