Broken Weave Collector's Edition


PRE ORDER – Physical copies sent Q3 2024.
A brand new post-apocalyptic tragic fantasy campaign setting for 5e!

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The weave unravels. The gods are dead, the lands are shattered, and the world has begun to forget what it once was. Time and distance have lost their meaning, and the knowledge of how things once were crumbles like ash. Those who remain struggle to survive in a shattered world overcome by Decay — an entropic force which eats at our memories, reshapes the world, and twists people into nightmarish abominations. But all is not lost. Hope survives despite the odds. Community, love, and trust in one another can remake the world. Walking the old forgotten paths gives them permanence, fractured artefacts from the time before spark memories of what once was, and communities gather to create a new way of life.

Broken Weave is a tragic fantasy setting, where hope and community are the only path to creating something new. The book includes:

  • Tragic Characters: 6 new and unique character classes fit for the Broken World, and a rich Lifepath character creation system that builds a shared history between you, the other Survivors, and your home Haven.
  • A Broken World: A strange and ever-changing world where magic is broken and God-corpses litter the land. Dozens of bizarre and beautiful locations to explore!
  • A Haven for All: A complete system for founding, growing, and protecting your community over generations.
  • Decayed Monsters: A host of nightmarish creatures, and mechanics for converting any 5e monster to use in your Broken Weave campaign!
  • Survival Against the Odds: New rules for harvesting monsters, travel, a host of new campcraft and downtime activities, and new mechanics for the corrupting force of Decay, and the flickering light of Hope.

From the award-winning team that brought you Doctors and Daleks, Adventures in Middle-earth, and Uncharted Journeys

Collector’s Edition

The Broken Weave Collector’s Edition is wrapped in luxurious faux-leather and coloured in deep black. The cover depicts the broken moon in embossed silver foil with the Broken Weave logo subtly debossed in deep black below. The pages are edged in silver, and a trio of bookmark ribbons to help you navigate this outstanding tome.

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Additional information
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