Wrath & Glory: Grim & Glorious Adventures


Grim & Glorious Adventures 

The Age of the Dark Imperium 

A new era has dawned, and the galaxy is more dangerous than ever — the perfect time to dive into adventure. The vastness of space is rife with opportunities for exploration; can your Rogue Trader find profit from an Aeldari alliance? What strange xenos will you find (and purge) with your Inquisitorial retinue? Where will you get enough red paint to make this Kill Kroozer go faster? 

We can’t wait to explore the Age of the Dark Imperium, and we’re starting with the Gilead System. Isolated on the border between the Segmentum Solar and Segmentum Obscurus, the Great Rift is a daily threat to the citizens of Gilead. A scar across the sky of every world, the impossibly large warp storm is a daily reminder of the pervasive threat of Chaos, as well as the incredible importance of their home. Their few but diverse worlds stand as a bastion of hope against the darkness — if the propaganda of the Adminstratum is to be believed.

Look out for more information on the Gilead System in the Revised Rulebook, and more expanded setting material in further releases. If you can’t wait until then, check out Dark Tides for a set of five interconnected adventures on Charybdion, the ‘black pearl’ of the Gilead system.

In the depths of Charybdion’s labyrinthine oceans, Adeptus Mechanicus machine temples glitter with millennia old technology. Since being settled, Charybdion’s colossal seas have risen, driving the population into towering hive cities that cling to rocks like shipwrecked men. Overworked labourers produce promethium and algae for the wars of the Imperium, patching leaks in the ancient hull-walls of the city while the nobility squabble over politics. The planetary governor has disappeared, and a series of strange murders has struck the sinking cities — it’s up to you and your friends to stop them. 

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