Wrath & Glory Adventures Abound


We’re working hard on the Revised Rulebook. One of our priorities is making sure it'll work with all the books and accessories you already have. All of your card decks, adventures, and GM screens will work with the Revised Rulebook - hopefully just a little bit better. 

If you haven’t seen the bountiful hoard of great books and boxes developed by Ulisses Spiele out on Drive Thru RPG, go check them out! There’s a bunch of great resources to kick start your adventures in the Age of the Dark Imperium. 

From today you can now also buy many Wrath & Glory titles on cubicle7games.com including the ones listed below!

Starter Set 

Take your first steps into the grim darkness of adventure in the far future. Face dire threats amongst the bloodstained stars, navigate the fierce bureaucracy of the followers of the Emperor, and escape the dark clutches of the gods of Chaos! 

The adventure included will guide you through the game and teach you how to play, whether you're the GM or one of the stalwart warriors of the Imperium. Packed with advice, world information, and the always exciting rules, the Beginner’s Rulebook will guide you through thrilling tales of your own imagination. 

Featuring an entertaining and intuitive how-to-play comic by Sarah Kaiser! 

The starter set contains: 

  • A complete adventure that teaches you how to run and play while you’re having fun. 
  • A Beginner’s Rulebook with everything you need to embark on adventures in the Dark Imperium. 
  • 6 four-page character folios.
  • 2 double-sided battlemaps.

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Dark Tides

A series of five interlinked adventures on the mysterious ocean world of Charybdion. Investigate murders, unravel intrigue, and reveal the villainous plots lurking beneath the dark tides.

Each adventure works as a standalone story, with four Imperial adventures delving into the perplexing crimes planetside, and a fifth from the Eldar perspective. The adventures can also be played in sequence to reveal the full extent of the corrupting powers present on Charybdion. 

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Campaign Cards 

Add some roleplaying spice to your games, and put the power in the players’ hands! Each Campaign Card has a one use narrative twist that can dramatically change the scene, adventure, or even an entire Campaign - it’s all down to how you use it. 

Activate your Kunnin Plan or recant Forbidden Lore for in game bonuses, or reveal someone’s true colours and unveil their plots instantly; you’ll be screaming ‘I am Alpharius!’ in no time! 

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Stay tuned for more updates next Friday! If you missed our last update you can catch up here.