We reveal more on Victoriana for 5e!

Victoriana for 5e - Coming Soon!

Cubicle 7's Emmet Byrne and Zak Dale-Clutterbuck chatted to Ontabletop and revealed lots more about our planned new version of Victoriana for 5e.

Click the video below to get the latest news!


Victoriana takes place in a fantastic alternate world of 1887, where the old ways of magic and tradition are losing ground to science, revolution, and the cloying smoke of industrialisation. The player characters, or Associates, navigate this dangerous world, solving mysteries, making social connections, and confronting horrors, while uncovering the secret conspiracies that operate in the shadows.

Whether the Associates fight them or join them remains to be seen…The first release - The Victoriana Player’s Guide will give players everything they need to create characters ready to take on the challenges of the fantastic, magical, steampunk world of Victoriana, powered by the 5th edition OGL rules. Jam

Packed with useful information, this guide will ensure your character is prepared for any situation!

Stay tuned for more!

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