Warhammer Fest 2019!

What a weekend! The Cubicle 7 team attended Warhammer Fest in Coventry and thoroughly enjoyed every minute, from showing off the WFRP Starter Set to running demos and meeting so many Warhammer fans, its safe to say we had a blast!

Cubicle 7 Booth

Dominic McDowall and WFRP Producer Andy Law

C7 CEO and game designer Dominic McDowall, WFRP Producer Andy Law and AoS Producer Emmet Byrne gave a seminar on Warhammer Fantasy Role-play, Age of Sigmar and our future plans on Sunday. Look out for exclusive reveals from this talk later today!

Dominic McDowall & AoS Producer Emmet Byrne

Kieran Murphy at the Cubicle 7 Sales Booth Photo from Warhammer Community Page

We also launched our new large scale Reikland Poster Map, these will be available to purchase on our website over the coming week for £15.99. Keep an eye out for updates! Thanks to all of you who popped by the stand, said hello, played our demos or purchased our RPGS. We look forward to chatting more at UK Games Expo later this month!

C7 writer Ben Scerri and WFRP Producer Andy Law signed many copies of WFRP (at high speed)!

Dom, Andy and 601st Cosplay

New WFRP Reikland Map

WFRP Core Rulebooks

WFRP Starter Set Demo Table