Victoriana for Fifth Edition News!

Cubicle 7 is delighted to share some awesome news: we are currently working on Victoriana for Fifth Edition, which will launch under the Open Gaming License later this year!

Victoriana was one of the first games we published, so we are terrifically excited to be bringing it to a wider gamer audience. Victoriana is a diverse game world deeply imbued with Victorian period feel, gothic fantasy magic, and steampunk engineering.

Victoriana takes place in a fantastic alternate world of 1887, where the old ways of magic and tradition are losing ground to science, revolution, and the cloying smoke of industrialisation. The player characters, or Associates, navigate this dangerous world, solving mysteries, making social connections, and confronting horrors, while uncovering the secret conspiracies that operate in the shadows. Whether the Associates fight them or join them remains to be seen...

A Victoriana Player’s Guide will be the first release, but watch out for incoming telegrams about an accompanying adventure book filled with macabre mysteries, and a bestiary of the bizarre monsters and vile villains that haunt the Big Smoke. Keep an eye on and our social media platforms for more updates on Victoriana’s launch!

Remember: hold the handrail and don’t miss the last train. 

New Victoriana logo above is designed by Rachael Macken.

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