General Update - Print & Pre-order Titles

Age of Sigmar: Soulbound in US!

We are thrilled that Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Core and Collector's edition have made it to the US and lots of pre-orders have already been sent out. The books will be in US stores on December 16th.

We have sent all AoS Core, GM and CE pre-orders from our Irish Warehouse.

Enemy Within Campaign

Death on the Reik Print Update

We mentioned recently that we changed printers to increase our print capacity. The new printer is renowned for their quality so you can expect the same high standard on all of our standard and collector’s edition books. This does mean there is a small delay on a few current projects due to the change over to working with a new partner, namely Death on the Reik and its Companion.

We expect to commence sending pre-orders for Death on the Reik and the Companion in February/March 2021, following that the books will make their way to stores.

We are working to release the PDF for Power Behind the Throne before the Holidays and we have a new Dev Diary on the way soon for our Enemy Within Collector's edition pre-orderers.

40k - US Shipping Delay

We have had some unavoidable delays to our US shipments of late, thanks to covid-related congestion in global logistics. This has meant that US Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory pre-orders will dispatch in January 2021.

Pre-orders to other destinations are already being sent from our Irish Warehouse - we are delighted to see your pictures as they begin to arrive!

We appreciate your patience on these delays and are working towards faster lead times in 2021.

Keep up to Date

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Errata Submissions

While each title goes through multiple rounds of edits and proofing, pesky typos can still slip through - if you spot any errors in our recent releases please submit via our errata form here, thank you!

Holiday Shipping Info

And lastly here is all the info on our holiday shipping info.

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