Age of Sigmar Soulbound:  Knight-Azyros


Today we’re looking at another Archetype for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound — the majestic Knight-Azyros of the Stormcast Eternals.  

Bearer of Celestial Light

A herald of Azyr, you bring Sigmar’s light to the lower Realms.

A Knight-Azyros is the power and the majesty of Sigmar. Each knight bears a lantern, a reliquary that holds a single beam of Azyr’s light. It is said that whatever that light falls upon is in Sigmar’s gaze, and so Knight-Azyros are routinely dispatched to the darkest reaches of the Mortal Realms. With the light of Azyr, a Knight-Azyros can mend wounds, rejuvenate weary allies, inspire fury in the just, sniff out unholy magic or burn the flesh from the impure. All Knights-Azyros are warriors, first and foremost, but not all strive to be the gleaming spear tip of Azyr to be thrust into the dark. Many perform vital roles as ambassadors and peacemakers, flying on swift wings between the Free Cities and the dark states beyond the territories of the forces of Order. Others may sit as inquisitors or judges, bringing the wisdom of Sigmar to bear in cases too severe and thick with the taint of Chaos for mortal officials.

“It was as though the light of all the stars that ever were had been focused onto this patch of the Sea of Bones, and for a moment, for one divine moment, we felt the eyes of the God-King upon us all.”

-          Lord-Relictor Ramus, Hallowed Knights

A Knight-Azyros has unparalleled freedom to pursue their own quests. These will very rarely be their own undertakings, but assignments that have been passed down from the Lord-Aquilor or Lord-Celestant. It could be to investigate some darkness that occludes Sigmar’s sight, a cult temple in the dungeons beneath a Free City or an army of Chaos on the march. They could equally be dispatched as envoys, or heralds, or to sit in judgement or to serve as martial escort to some heinous criminal. The ways of Sigmar are seldom clear and it is also possible that a Knight-Azyros could be tasked with offering protection and guides to a particular adventurer. Ultimately however, the Knight-Azyros is still a part of Sigmar’s Stormhost and must always be ready to heed the call to war.

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Art by Mirko Failoni and Dániel Kovács

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