AoS Soulbound FAQ

Below are the answers to some recent questions that you might find helpful in your Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound games. You can find more Soulbound FAQ's here.

GOLDEN RULE: If you have a rules question, just think “Does this make the game more fun for everyone and make me feel awesome?” If the answer is ‘yes’, then you can probably do it!

Q.1 My group needs clarification on the issue of sigmarite equipment being unaffected by spells and effects that would transmute it. Can it be affected by a buff or debuff spell or Miracle?

A. If the spell or Miracle would transmute the armour and alter its shape or form, then it is not affected. Regardless of whether the effect is a Miracle, a spell, or some other magical effect, sigmarite equipment cannot be transmuted.

Q.2 Can I run a game in Ulfenkarn, the Cursed City? I am sure you have already been asked this and that there would be a great deal of demand for such a project. Any plans?

A. We agree! We have not long begun pre-production on Ulfenkarn: City at the Edge of Death, an in-depth guide to the city of Ulfenkarn with everything you need to play in that grim setting. Stay tuned to the Cubicle 7 blog for more information as development continues.

Q.3 A question regarding the Sever Talent. It mentions that if I rolled a 6 for an attack, the target becomes Prone and additionally suffers 1 Wound each time it moves. I'm just wondering if I'm able to stack the additional Damage if I'm making more than one attack. For example, if rolled a 6 for the first attack, then rolled another 6 for the second attack, would the target suffer 2 Wounds each time it moves?

A. First up, just to clarify that the effect deals 1 Damage (reducing the target’s Toughness by 1) each time the target moves, not 1 Wound. That would be very strong! In terms of stacking I would suggest it can be stacked a number of times equal to the number of legs the creature has! (the idea being you are slicing their legs to knock them down).

Q.4 The Defend combat Action let´s you block enemies from entering a Zone. So enemies have to succeed on an opposed Body (Might) Test to enter the Zone. I have three questions regarding that:

A: So, with good dice rolling one character can block a basically unlimited number of foes?

B. Against a large swarm of lets say 10 creatures, is there only one roll using the creature’s overall Body, or does every creature in the swarm make a separate roll? Does the swarm get bonus dice similar to an attack?

C. Can you block flying or jumping (for example, Squigs) creatures?

A: Theoretically, yes! Though I assume at least some of those infinite warriors would have access to ranged weapons to dislodge any troublesome Soulbound barricades.

B: In certain circumstances, where sheer numbers are of benefit, it is reasonable for the GM to rule that a swarm gains +1d6 to the relevant Skill being used, per member of the swarm. The swarm using its huge mass to rush into a defender could certainly be an example.

Regardless of whether there is 1 Clanrat or 10, they are no more likely to puzzle out how to operate a complicated Kharadron device. On the other hand, 10 Clanrats trying to enter a Defended Zone that is little more than an open field will find their numbers help them significantly! So the GM may grant them +1d6 per Clanrat in the swarm. Yet again, if the Zone the Clanrats were attempting to move into was a bottleneck, such as a narrow doorway or tight corridor, their numbers would not aid them, and the GM may forgo the bonus die per member. This is not an exact science, but it encourages tactical thinking when Defending Zones and lets players live out their heroic fantasy of holding back the tide of evil.

C: As mentioned in the Soulbound corebook (page 136), the sky above the battlefield may contain one or more Zones if there are flying combatants in a battle. As a result, while any flying creatures that try to enter a Zone that is being Defended will still need to succeed at their Tests, if they are just trying to get past, they could potentially circumvent the Zone entirely by taking to the air and flying through aerial Zones.

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