AoS: Soulbound, Champions of Death

You might have seen Emmet Byrne's interview with Ontabletop yesterday, where he revealed the cover for upcoming release Champions of Death for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. (shown above)

Illustrated by Johan Grenier, the cover shows a powerful Vampire Lord in the centre, surrounded by her allies. A towering Necropolis Stalker looms behind her, while a vile Necromancer summons the dead to do her bidding. To the front, a spectral Knight of Shrouds stands over a crumbling pile of bones, and a slavering Crypt Infernal Courtier waits for their next meal.

Champions of Death gives players the opportunity to play as undead characters, such as vampires, ghouls, wraiths, and wights. Characters can play as servants of Nagash in his war against Sigmar or take on the role of unexpected allies of the Forces of Order — though those foolish enough to spurn the Undying King may face a fate far worse than undeath.

Champions of Death presents dozens of new Archetypes, including those for the Soulblight Vampires, Ossiarch Bonereapers, Nighthaunts, and Flesh-eater Courts. The book also includes new Species, factions and subfactions, new Talents, Miraclesof Nagash, and dozens of new spells. As well as that, Champions of Death provides GMs with advice and guidance on running Death-focused campaigns and how to handle undead characters that have allied with the forces of Order.

Crypt Haunter Courtier

Crypt Ghast Courtier

Cairn Wraith

Guardian of Souls

Champions of Death is expected to release in PDF in Q3 and will be in stores in Q4.

Spirit Torment


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