Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Battlesmith


Today we’re looking at another Archetype for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound — the proud Battlesmith of the Fyreslayers. 

Teller of Tales, Bearer of Grudges

You are a master craftsman and a storyteller, inspiring those around you with your oratory and your martial prowess.

A Battlesmith is the living memory of his lodge. It is their duty to recall the (often dizzyingly long) histories of their lodge, including every oath sworn, battle won, honour debt unpaid, and every Runefather to have borne the honourific “Grimnir”. A Battlesmith will have memorised the lodge’s tangled web of oath debts, ancestral grudges and occasionally contradictory customs by rote, but will just as often be called on to entertain a fyrd on a long march with a bawdy drinking song or a telling of the heroic sagas. The creation of the effigies of Grimnir is the Battlesmith’s most sacred duty . There are many aspects of the Shattered God, each with a subtly different meaning, and it is the responsibility of the Battlesmith to know them all. Only the most talented of a lodge’s artisans are entrusted with such an honour, and these form an ancient community of gifted warrior-smiths — by the standards of most Human smiths their skill with hammer and forge would resemble something from the Age of Myth.

“We are the scattered embers of Grimnir’s fire. Never doused. Never quenched. We fight. We burn. Blood and Gold! KHAZUK!” 

  • Broddur, Battlesmith of the Unbak Lodge

There is a stubborn mercenary streak running through all fyreslayers, and a Battlesmith is as apt to strike out in search of gold and glory as any other. They may also be sent out by their lodge elders to chronicle a great event, recover (and approve the veracity of!) some lost treasure, or to bring their weight of fyreslayer lore to mediate in a dispute between far-flung relatives of the parent lodge. Whatever calls them from their homes, the Battlesmith’s talents as a smith, an orator, and a warrior mean they rarely want for generous employ. 

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Mirko Failoni