Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Battlemage


Today we’re looking at a brand new Archetype for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound — the devastating Battlemage of the Free Peoples.  

Master of Magic

You are a wizard of the Collegiate Arcane, trained in magic by one of the Sky Towers of Azyrheim.

Battlemages are exceptional mortals that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the Stormcast Eternals against the horrors of Chaos and hope to survive. These resilient mortals are trained in the arts of magic by the Collegiate Arcane. A Battlemage can hurl fire from their outstretched hands, banish daemons back into the aethyr with a word, or call a rain of comets from the Heavens with a gesture. The exact nature of their powers varies from mage to mage, and depends largely upon their school of learning, but each holds the power within them to turn the tide of a battle. Unlike the intuitive spellcasters of the Eldritch Council or the divine gifts of the Sacrosanct Chambers, the powers of a Battlemage are hard-earned through a combination of practice and study, channelled through mystic foci and arcane phrasing, often requiring magical ingredients that can be all but impossible to procure. As a result, a Battlemage can be as gifted at creating arcane paraphernalia such as wands and talismans as they are at hurling spells in battle.

"That’s the best way to deal with a Battlemage - while they’re otherwise occupied with some other poor fool.”

Seguin Reynar, former Freeguild Captain

Many Battlemages find service in the Freeguild’s armies, but unlike the common soldiers they are under no obligation to remain beyond their agreed period of service. The most common reason for a Battlemage to go abroad into the Mortal Realms is to seek out the base materials for their spellcasting and crafting. Similarly, the magic of the Collegiate Arcane is largely derived from the knowledge of those archmages prescient enough to foresee the Age of Chaos and flee to Azyrheim before the closure of the Realmgates. Much lore was lost in those centuries and a Battlemage will go to great lengths to recover a single tattered page from an ancient spellbook.

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Artist Clara-Marie Morin.

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