Age of Sigmar Soulbound:  Auric Runesmiter


Today we’re discussing another Archetype for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound that was revealed at Warhammer Fest — the stalwart Auric Runesmiter of the Fyreslayers. 

Fire and Gold

You are a priest of the fyreslayers, the power of fire and earth are yours to command.

Though their god is dead, the power of an Auric Runesmiter is very real indeed. With their command over the earth’s fire, a Runesmiter can melt stone, boil rivers, or turn a weapon to molten slag in an opponent’s hand. However, their true gift is their connection to the Shattered God. Every fyreslayer has some sense for ur-gold, a tingling in the nose perhaps, an itching on the palms, but only a Runesmiter can pluck a single ur-gold coin from a chest full of base gold. Many fyreslayers revere the Auric Runesmiters as the living representatives of their god, for while it is the Runemasters that craft the ur-gold into runes of power — it is the Runesmiter whose innate skill awakens their full power. Some Runesmiters may aspire to become a lodge Runemaster in their own right, but most, like their fallen god before them, are too addicted to the fury of combat.

“Ong, tuk, strike the runes. Dwe, fut, axe and fist. Sak, siz, Grimnir comes!” 

Runesmiter Solldun, Sepuzkul Lodge

There is one sure thing that will draw an Auric Runesmiter from their duties to fyrd and temple – Gold! Fyreslayers will travel the length of the Mortal Realms and go to almost any length to obtain an ingot of their dead god — but only a Runesmiter has the nose to find it where it is most deeply hidden. And of course, if there is no ur-gold to be found, a fyreslayer will famously sell their services to anyone with the coin to pay. Runesmiters are also responsible for the funerary rites of their lodge and may also be dispatched to see to the cremation of a fallen son and (more importantly) the recovery of his ur-gold runes.

A Runesmiter’s more overt powers are channelled through a portion of the sacred forgeflame that every priest of the Zharrgrim carries with him on departing their lodge. Many bear this in the form of a Forge Key — an artefact of pure ur-gold forged from the remains of a deceased Runefather, which has both mystical and symbolic power. Guard it well!

What Next?

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