Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Aether-Khemist


Today AoS Producer Emmet Byrne is discussing an Archetype for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound that we revealed at Warhammer Fest back in May — the resourceful Aether-Khemist of the Kharadron Overlords. 

Thirst For Knowledge and Hunger of Aether-gold

Part alchemist and part inventor, you seek aether-gold seams to bring prosperity to your sky-port and to further the knowledge of your Guild.

Aether-Khemists perform a vital function in Kharadron society. They know the secrets of aether-gold. They hold the closely guarded knowledge of how to find and follow veins of aether-gold, tracking their drift across the skies. An Aether-Khemist has received instruction from the Guild in a variety of devices they have engineered that can not only locate aether-gold but also gather and refine it, transmuting the caustic gas into a stable solid. Aether-Khemists learn to grade any find of aether-gold by smell, determining the quality of the strike and its potential for profit. Aether-Khemists are also inventors, continually developing new equipment and machines to facilitate the collection of aether-gold with greater efficiency.

I'll tell you, lass, the hardest part of making a claim is keeping just enough fingers in the jar to get it quick but still have a big enough share to keep your beard clean. - Khudrukk Bronzehand of the Black Eagle

Aether-Khemists seek to expand their own knowledge almost as much as they seek profit. While a rich voyage will increase their wealth, their status within the Guild is enhanced by discoveries of a different vein. Finding a seam of aether-gold is good, but learning some new property of aether-gold is what will advance someone in the esteem of the Guild. Aether-Khemists are continually experimenting in hopes of making some advance that will impress their peers. The equipment an Aether-Khemist carries into the field is often subjected to tinkering as some improvement in performance is sought. It is through such experimentation that new uses for old gadgets are sometimes discovered. The atmospheric anatomiser was designed to harvest airborne samples, but with modification can vacuum an enemy’s air supply or project poison gas or even create a cloud of chemicals that excite the action of aetheric weapons, making them more powerful.

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