Age of Sigmar: Soulbound The Great Parch Map Reveal!!


Following its reveal just now on Warhammer TV, we are delighted to share this amazing map by the incredibly talented Jared Blando with you all. We would love to hear what you think over on Facebook and Twitter!!

Only those who burn belong to life.   

- Vendell Blackfist, last great Smith-Lord of the Direbrand Tribe

The Great Parch has stood at the centre of many of the greatest events in Aqshy’s history, for good and ill. It was on the Great Parch where many of the barbarous tribes of the east first willingly embraced worship of the Blood God, but also where Sigmar first unleashed his Stormcast Eternals and struck back against the armies of Chaos. The indomitable Fyreslayers were born on the Great Parch, yet so too was the twisted Goretide of the terrible Chaos Warlord Korghos Khul. The Great Parch has been the backdrop for some of the greatest victories and vilest atrocities in the history of the Mortal Realms. This is where your story begins.

  • The map was created by renowned cartographer Jared Blando.
  • It shows the Great Parch, which is the starting realm for Soulbound. The core book comes with an overview of each of the other Moral Realms, as well as over 30 pages of information on various locations in the Great Parch.
  • The map shows some of the biomes of the Great Parch - proving it's not just barren desert! There is even snow to the north in Cotha (and the blood-soaked lands of Khul's Ravage to the south).
  • Those who have played Season of War Firestorm will recognise the Prismatikon and the Titanworks in the Flamescar Plateau.
  • The newly reclaimed city of Brightspear can be seen in Aspiria. This new City of Sigmar was reclaimed by the Celestial Warbringers and is the focus of the Soulbound Starter Set.

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