Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Updated PDF & Pre-Gens!

Hey folks. We hope everyone is enjoying Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. As promised, you can now download sample pre-generated characters here of the five iconic heroes you can see on the corebook cover.

We also wanted to let everyone know that the corebook PDF has been updated and you should be able to download a new version now. The PDF will automatically be updated on your Drivethru RPG library. If you bought the PDF directly through our store, you will receive a new download link.

A big thanks to everyone who let us know about a few errors that crept in and flagged some areas that needed clarification. The changes made are listed below. We have also heard the PDF is reading slowly for some folks. We are working on addressing this and will have news in a future update.

  • Corrected minor typos and formatting issues throughout.
  • P21: Clarified that Humans can’t use their Species Bonus to take Spellcasting a second time.
  • P22: Clarified that Stormcast Eternals can’t use soulfire.
  • P24: Aelven Species bonus Long-Lived reworded for clarity.
  • P27: Modifying Attributes example amending with correct Attribute ratings.
  • P28: Skill XP example amended with correct XP.
  • P55: Hag Priestess XP was calculated incorrectly. Archetype now has 7 XP to spend on Skills, not 9.
  • P83: Clarified Ancestral Memories can’t raise Training or Focus above 3.
  • P86: New Talents Immense Strikes and Immense Swing added.
  • P86: Legendary Saga duration added. Saga of Grimnir clarified as only working on melee attacks.
  • P89: Requirements for Shield Mastery adjusted. Now requires Training (3) and Focus (3) in Reflexes.
  • P90: You now get one new spell each time you take the Spellcasting Talent.
  • P92: Underdog adjusted slightly. There must be two enemies and no allies within Close Range.
  • P92: Weapon Weave at DN 4:1 can make only Subtle melee weapons.
  • P93: Clarified that Miracles are an Action unless otherwise noted.
  • P96: Clarified that the attack from Searing Heat happens as part of the Action of using the Miracle.
  • P102: Added clarification on meaning of +S in weapon Damage.
  • P105: Bonus Damage from Cleave Trait affects other enemies, not the initial target.
  • P105: Rend Trait only breaks non-magical armour.
  • P112: Added missing Two-handed trait to Aethermartic Volley Gun, Drill Launcher, Grapnel Launcher, and Skyhook.
  • P153: Clarification on Getting Help and recovering from Mortally Wounded.
  • P157: Forge Ur-Gold Rune Endeavour now allows you to replenish both yours and allied Fyreslayer’s runes.
  • P158: Removed ur-gold requirement for Grundtogg.
  • P158: Clarification on Magical Weapon Weave.
  • P201: Added missing text about Khorne punching the Agloraxians out of the sky.
  • P284: Recover Mettle spell Aspect can now only be applied a total of once to a spell.
  • P302: Clarification on Swarms. Swarms take double Damage from any effect that targets an area. This includes spells, Talents such as Hail of Doom, and weapon traits such as Cleave and Blast.
  • P309: Arachnarok Spider is now a Champion and has the Nigh Unkillable Trait (Toughness 18).
  • P311: Maw-Krusha is now a Champion. Innard-busting Bellow now affects creatures in the Maw-Krusha’s Zone and adjacent Zones.
  • P317: Khorgorath is now listed as a Large Beast (Corrupted by Chaos).
  • P321: Vulcharc is now listed as (Corrupted by Chaos). Tzaangor and Tzaangor Shaman now listed as Mortal (Corrupted by Chaos).
  • P328: Gutter Runner Defence corrected to Average.

Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd. (C) Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2020