Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Update & Archetype reveal!

Welcome back to another #MortalRealmsMonday. Emmet here, producer on Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. Before we get into the shiny new Archetype reveal, I wanted to give a quick update on where we are with production on the corebook. 

As of today, all 13 chapters are written and have been through editing. Of the 13 chapters, chapters 2 - 12 have been through layout at least once, with chapters 2 - 7 having completed proofreading (meaning they are essentially done!). The last chapters, Chapter 1: Introduction and Chapter 13: Bestiary, will be going to layout this week. The Introduction will go very quick but the Bestiary… well, it's a beast! This one could take a little longer as we have over 40 monsters to cram into it. This means that the PDF won’t go live next Monday, the 27th, but may release later in the week. If not, the PDF should land the week of the 4th of May. If this changes, we’ll keep everyone informed.

With that out of the way, this week we’re sharing a brand new Archetype — the fearless Black Ark Corsair. 

Sea-faring Monster Hunters

With salt water in your veins, you cross the hostile seas of the Mortal Realms in search of fortune.

The seas of the Mortal Realms are more than merely treacherous — they are sinks of primordial magic. Left over from the creation of the aethyric cloud, these tempestuous seas are home to the monstrous and the daemonic, and possessed of a wilful malevolence of their own. Only the hardiest and most desperate buccaneer would contemplate a life on the waves, but those that do would choose no other. By harsh necessity a corsair can fill about any role aboard a ship — just don’t refer to them as a pirate, if you value your life. Most can stitch a wound or fix a mast if needed. All are skilled with sword and crossbow, and most can handle the war machines used for the corsairs’ legendary beast hunts. Amongst their own, corsairs abide by a crude code of honour where ships are run on egalitarian lines. A corsair might justly claim themselves the freest of free peoples, but that does not mean that cold-blooded murder or trading in slaves is beneath them. The majority of corsair ships are aligned with the dreaded Scourge Privateers, but many captains chafe under even distant authority. Those foolish enough to operate independently may soon come afoul of the Black Ark Corsairs — sea-faring Aelves known to be the deadliest and most successful of all the corsairs.

‘A dragon in Anvalor, you say? Try hunting Lurkinarth in the Searing Sea. It would have you and your dragon without needing to chew, and still have room in its gullet for a shipful of Aelves.’

  • Captain Saelinér of the Grey Wake

The life of a corsair is not for the timid. Ships are sunk, captured, eaten, or impounded for reasons valid or made up, to say nothing of the vicious rivalries between captains and factions across the seas of the Mortal Realms. No wonder then, that corsairs tend to be tough and versatile souls, the sort who don’t blink when faced with a hundred-foot behemoth of the unholy depths. A corsair’s ruthless tenacity, capacity for swift violence, and knowledge of the seas, makes the best among them ideal Soulbound. For their part, every corsair knows it is good to have as many tricks up their sleeve as possible, and becoming Soulbound gives them an edge like no other.

What Next?

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