Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Idoneth Deepkin

Welcome back for a special #MortalRealmsMonday on a Saturday! As we ramp up to the launch of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, we wanted to share the final Archetype for the Idoneth Deepkin — the proud and ruthless Akhelian Emissary!

Warrior Elite

You are a paragon of the aelven arts of leadership and war

The Akhelian are the warrior caste of the Idoneth Deepkin. Each is a consummate warrior, their souls’ aptitude for warfare selected by the Isharann at a young age, and ruthlessly schooled in blademastery and statecraft in the asydrazor — an Idoneth school dedicated to honing military skills and leadership. Since their race’s malformed birth in the deep oceans of the Age of Myth, the Idoneth have sought safety in isolation, but the shocks of the Necroquake and the incipient stirrings of their ancestral nemesis Slaanesh have compelled many Akhelian asydrazor to reconsider how much they emphasize a hitherto unvalued skill — diplomacy.

Bearing priceless talismans that make them shimmer within an ethersea cloak so their steeds and attendant beasts can move and breathe freely on land, the Akhelian Emissary is the voice of the Deepkin in the Free Cities of Sigmar. For many, this is viewed as a punishment, and Akhelian commanders have rid their enclaves of nuisances by forging them into an Emissary. Others, however, particularly those whose enclaves have suffered under the resurgent perils of this new and uncertain age, treat their choice of Emissary with deadly earnestness, selecting only the paragons of aelven virtues to represent their interests abroad.

Perhaps imparted by glittering memories of Teclis’ own lost people, the Akhelians are some of the few brave enough to go into battle astride one of the powerful mounts the Idoneth have bound to them. Broken by the Idoneth Embailors, these mighty sea creatures are blinded by a helm and magically dominated to make them more pliable. The Fangmora, swift and deadly serpentine predators the size of horses, are the preferred mount of the Akhelians. Some aspire to one day master a Deepmare like the legendary High King Volturnos, but these monstrous scaled beasts are not so easily broken.

‘I swear it is true! A sea-mist filled with phantoms and savage beasts crashed over our village. When it receded, only bodies remained — hollow shells with nothing left inside them!

  • Gassan, last surviving resident of Farwind before being taken to the gallows

An Akhelian Emissary exists in a uniquely perilous position, alone in a hostile environment, with little prospect of seeing their soul returned to their enclave’s chorrileum in the event of their demise. Becoming Soulbound guarantees their soul’s freedom from the predatory clutches of Slaanesh. And given that the Dark Prince eternally hungers for their souls, the promise of violent dissolution after death is not an unfair trade. As a result, in spite of the Deepkin’s scarcity, Akhelian Emissaries are found amongst the Soulbound.

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Art by Runesael Flynn

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