Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, Crucible of Life PDF Out Now!

Welcome back to #MortalRealmsMonday! We are excited to release the next part of the Shadows in the Mist campaign today!

Crucible of Life is the third adventure in the Shadows in the Mist campaign. It can be played as part of that campaign or as a standalone adventure. You can purchase each adventure in Shadows in the Mist individually, or pre-order the complete collection on our webstore here. Once pre-ordered you will receive Blood Tide, Rotten to the Core, The Anvilgard City Guide and Crucible of Life straight away with the remaining PDFs sent as they are released. The physical book will be sent when complete.

Prefer PDF only? You can pre-order the complete PDF on our webstore here or via DrivethruRPG here. Or buy just Crucible of Life in PDF on our webstore here or via DrivethruRPG here.

The last survivor of a doomed expedition stumbles through the streets of Anvilgard, bringing news of a hidden Stormvault and an artefact of incredible power. News spreads quickly, drawing the attention of the Blackscale Coil — a cabal of Aelves that control much of Anvilgard through threats and dark magic. The Grand Conclave can not let them reach it first. Two expeditions race from the city to search for the Stormvault, but they must first fight their way through the deadly jungles of the Crucible of Life. 

Crucible of Life follows the events of Rotten to the Core and sees a party of Soulbound heroes venture into the deadly jungles surrounding Anvilgard. The party must lead an expedition of dozens of trackers, hunters, and scholars from the city and fight through poisonous plants and vicious predators to reach the Stormvault in time. But reaching the ancient Stormvault is only the first step of their journey, as they will need to face the guardians that protect the Vault of the Crimson Twins before recovering what is hidden within.

Anvilgard City Guide Updated PDF

We have just updated the Anvilgard City Guide from Shadows in the Mist, if you have already pre-ordered the complete Shadows in the Mist or previously purchased the Anvilgard City Guide you will receive an alert. The updated file corrects minor typos throughout and also changes the creature "Salamander" to "Firespitter" to avoid confusion with the Seraphon creature of the same name.

Crucible of Life cover by Leon Tucker.

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