The Ruins of Karaznethil

Welcome back, once more, to the Mortal Realms! Today, in anticipation of the next release for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, we’re here to give a quick preview of The Ruin of Karaznethil, a PDF precursor to the upcoming Ruins of the Past.

 This unique society of Ironbark Glade Sylvaneth and Dispossessed Duardin came together during the Age of Chaos when Chamon’s mountain karaks fell to the Ruinous Powers. After generations of survival against the odds, the Ironthorn fortress stood steadfast, its forges blazed for generations – where Duardin hammers fell in concert with the sylvaneth spirit song and forged marvels from living wood… But such serenity could not last forever.

Art by Dániel Kovács  

The Lord of Decay sent his Maggotkin to claim the city and twist its unwavering ironbark soul to his corrupted desires. The twin rulers of the city did what they could; the Warden King Aedagrim led survivors into the surrounding razor-leafed wilds, whilst the Treelord Grundylach made their last stand against the Maggotkin horde to ensure their escape.

The Ruins of Karaznethil is now a rotting bastion of Nurgle’s blight. But a glimmer of hope still remains; the sylvaneth and duardin people – made refugees once more – call for heroes to liberate their city so that their people and symbiotic culture may live on and rise again.

This adventure location was first featured in the Refuges of the Realms digital supplement – a collection of unique havens and strongholds across the Mortal Realms. Each comes complete with plot hooks, unique Endeavours, and new rare and exotic goods for adventurers to engage with. Here, Karaznethil still stood strong long before the Forces of Nurgle ruined their peace forever.

Get a kickstart on your Realm-hopping adventures with Refuges of the Realms and the soon-to-be-released Ruin of Karaznethil, and stay tuned for more information on Ruins of the Past to be revealed soon!