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Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory

We wanted to share an update on what we are working on behind the scenes. There are numerous exciting projects progressing at a good pace. Wrath & Glory producer Zak Dale-Clutterbuck has listed five titles you can look forward to below! We will keep you posted on the various projects and share more updates on estimated release dates when we can.

We are still working on the errata and the free PDF log of all the revisions made to the Wrath & Glory system. 

Forsaken System Player’s Guide 

New heroes of the Imperium emerge, ready to explore and defend the Warp-forsaken Gilead System from the evils of heresy, xenos, and daemonkind. The Forsaken System Player’s Guide expands on character options, game mechanics, and the dismal darkness of the 41st Millennium. 

  • Twenty new playable Archetypes, complete with new Wargear, Abilities, and Psychic Powers. 
  • Three new playable Species: Ogryns, Ratlings, and Kroot. 
  • A new downtime Endeavours system to enhance your games at — and beyond — the table. 
  • Expanded information on the Factions vying for power, packed with opportunities for intrigue and adventure. 
  • Detailed descriptions on the Gilead System’s prominent figureheads  — perfect for use by the GM or as Patrons with new Frameworks for the players. 
  • Expanded Backgrounds for the beleaguered residents of the Gilead System, providing more information on life in the agri world, forge world, knight world, hive world, and shrine world. 

Scions of the Fane

Foul heretics trapped in the Gilead System whisper grim rumours that the God-Emperor has perished — now believing themselves beyond His holy gaze, many are turning to sin and blasphemy. A heretek cult known as the ‘Unshackled Fane’ practise the sin of innovation — and worse — plot to overthrow the system with their daemon-twisted machinations. 

Scions of the Fane is a series of five interlinked adventures that form a planet hopping campaign of perilous, action-packed investigation. Solve a mechanical murder mystery on the Forge World of Avachrus, engage in courtly intrigue on the feudal Knight World of Nethreus, liberate a Servitor farm assailed by scrapcode on the Agri World of Ostia, and much more. 

Litanies of the Lost (title TBC) 

As darkness closes in, adventures abound! Battle enemies within and without in five new adventures that can be inserted into any ongoing campaign, or interlinked for a twisted tale of bureaucratic blasphemy. 

Each adventure features additional rules or setting material for use beyond the adventure itself, including building plans, extra mechanics, and background information. 

Church of Steel

Knowledge of the holy machinery of the Imperium is strictly the purview of the Adeptus Mechanicus… until now! Church of Steel features rules for all forms of technological assistance, including vehicles, fliers, mounts, pets, and Voidships! 

Imperial Cities 

Imperial Cities is a six book series detailing the most powerful locales of the Gilead System. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about life on an agri world, forge world, shrine world, hive world or knight world, these setting guides were made for you, offering guidance for running adventures on the Imperium’s endlessly diverse worlds. Each book features: 

  • An in-depth guide to the city, detailing the districts and locations your players will visit. Every location includes ghastly details and thrilling adventure hooks. 
  • A set of modular buildings with detailed descriptions and inhabitants, ready to use as part of, or to create adventures. 
  • A comprehensive collection of NPC citizens from every strata of society. Each individual is described in detail, providing rich characters and even more opportunities for exciting adventure. 

Gamemaster’s Screen 

A four-panel Gamemaster screen and accompanying booklet, packed with advice, tables, charts and quick references for running the game and handy adventure hooks to launch your players’ glorious exploits.

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