Date Posted: 16-12-2020

AoS: Streets of Brightspear & Trouble Brewing PDFs Out Now!


We are releasing two exciting new PDFs for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound today! Our seasonal PDF – Trouble Brewing and the fantastic Streets of Brightspear. We wanted to ensure you all had time to prep these to play over the holidays!

Trouble Brewing

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Jakkob Bugmansson XI is on tour! After a hard year for Brightspear, the Grand Conclave has decreed that something light-hearted is in order to close out the year, a celebration of hope and everything worth fighting for. It turns out the thing most worth fighting for is a cask of Bugman’s XXXXXX! 

Trouble Brewing draws on lighter, more festive themes than other Soulbound adventures, and is perfect for the holiday season. It serves to introduce the characters to Jakkob Bugmansson XI, the Brewmaster-General of the Kharadron Overlords and the descendant of the most prestigious clan of brewers any world has known — Josef Bugman! The characters join Bugmansson on a pub crawl to celebrate Year’s Beginning but along the way a precious cask of Buman’s XXXXXX is stolen! The party must find the culprit and return the beer before its disappearance causes a diplomatic incident involving several very drunken Duardin. 

As well as the main adventure, Trouble Brewing also includes a brand new Archetype — the Brewmaster! The Brewmaster is a master brewsmith of the Kharadron Overlords, bringing liquid refreshment to the Mortal Realms. This new Archetype includes its own aether-rig, as well as a new Talent and Endeavour to ensure the Brewmaster fits perfectly into any Soulbound adventure. 

Streets of Brightspear

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Brightspear is the newest of the Cities of Sigmar — bastions of light and civilisation in a world filled with violence and horror. The fledgling city provides those who would make the perilous journey there with opportunities unlike anywhere else in the Mortal Realms. This potential for wealth and new beginnings has brought people from all across the realms, from the airborne Duardin of the Kharadron Overlords, to the tribespeople who have wandered the Aqshian wastes for centuries and now seek protection behind the city’s high walls.

Streets of Brightspear gives players and Gamemasters a wealth of new options and resources for running campaigns in the city of Brightspear. This PDF presents dozens of new Endeavours for characters to undertake during their downtime in Brightspear, as well as new items and artefacts found in the city’s markets. Streets of Brightspear also contains tables for creating unique and strange Agloraxian artefacts that can be found by those brave or foolhardy enough to venture into the Undercity. Streets of Brightspear includes

  • Over 20 new Endeavours to undertake between adventures.
  • A dozen fantastical items to be found in the Brightspear markets
  • Tables for creating countless unique artefacts and magic items, complete with their own quirks and abilities.
  • A new loyal companion — the Fyrehunter, a large flaming spider!
  • 4 Chaos spells that characters can learn — if they’re willing to pay the price!

Streets of Brightspear is best used with the Brightspear City Guide from the Soulbound Starter Set, but is still a fantastic tool for GMs and players running a Soulbound campaign in any other major city. 

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